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The universe, as we know it, was created by the Big Bang. Among the billions and billions of planets that formed following the supermassive explosion, some witnessed the formation, or rather, evolution, of intelligent life, from stardust. One of these was a planet named Gamma by its inhabitants.

Gamma, a planet yet unknown to selves. Green and blue, consisting of joy and life; yet holding the darkest secrets there could ever be.

The Rogue

He sighed, looking down the steep cliff. He had tried to end his misery once and for all, like many a time before, only to realise that his mind and body were far too strong to succumb to death. Tattered clothes hung from his body like discarded snakeskin.

He took a deep breath, drawing in as much air as his powerful lungs could hold and jumped, hoping for an end.

His life didn't flash before his eyes. Bedrick, as Jonathen called him, would survive yet again.

His wounds and several broken bones healed in a matter of hours. It was time to explore the valley that was, till now, unknown to him.


Month 1, Year 5000PR

"It's happening, Jonathen. It's here!" shouted Martha as she watched the single black egg slide down a transparent tube from the MACHINE and land on a soft, red velvet blanket. The oval shaped egg was a little bigger than a basketball. Its black, visibly coarse surface was spotless. Jonathen grabbed a hammer and walked towards the MACHINE as he whispered to Martha, "Listen to me, love. I'll finish it right here and right now. We can live the rest of our short lives in peace." Martha leapt from her chair and grabbed Jonathen by his arm, her deep, brown eyes fixed at his. "Remember what we talked about, Jonathen. We can keep him; we can prove them wrong." Jonathen looked at her in thought. He was not sure if that would end well.

Abruptly, the gate connecting the MACHINE to the dorms opened and Martha turned around, letting go of Jonathen's arm. It was Johnny, a 1½ year-old who lived in the place. "Mom, can I please play with the others? I like that other girl more than Milly," muttered Johnny. Martha walked over to Johnny, who stood a few feet away from her, and fondly placed her hand on his head, "Remember what Daddy told you? If you even look at someone other than Milly, we both will be sick, very sick. Do you want us to die, honey?" Johnny shook his head in shock. "Good boy." Martha smiled and went on, "Daddy and I are working on something, dear. Why don't you go back and play with Milly?" Johnny hesitated for a moment, but looking at his dad with a hammer and sensing the poorly concealed tension behind his mother's smile, he turned around and walked back towards the door to his dorm.

Martha turned back at Jonathen. He sighed and whispered "What if he turns out like Johnny? Or like the other one?" She knew the possibilities were not pleasant. Heavens forbid another one like that setting foot on their lands again. One of that kind was enough to rob Jonathen and Martha of their sleep. Jonathen continued in a more serious tone, "You know he's still around; we can't predict what he'll do, or when he'll do it."

"It was all their fault," snapped Martha. "This is what you get for leaving a child alone with no purpose in life. We keep him with us. That'll let us keep track of what he can be." She paused for a second and continued "If things go wrong, you can finish him off."

"But if something like that happens again, what will we tell them? They entrusted us with this work and if we fail, they'll be displeased."

"We won't fail. We have well over 5 centuries of experience. Let's put that to work. If we succeed, that'll be amazing, wouldn't it? Maybe we'll find a seat with the priests."

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