Chapter 1

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I'm only a 16 year old who is trying to get an idea out there so cut me some slack if everything isn't perfect.

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"What if people don't like me there?" I say to my mum as she keeps her eyes on the road. My eyes focus on the small drops of rain covering the window as a distraction of what's to come.

She turns her head slightly towards me, "You'll be fine, Louis, the year will be over before you know it and that'll be it, after all this is your last year." Her words come out with much certainty, almost as she's sure about what she's saying, one hundred percent. Then again, that's how she sounds every time, every new school year for the past eleven years. For all I know, this year will end up just like the rest of them have, maybe even worse. But given the fact that we're starting out in an new town, new environment, she could, possibly, be right this time, at least I can hope she will be.

My mother and I moved away from Doncaster just a few weeks ago hoping to get a new start here. There was so much drama, the bad kind, in my old school and I couldn't handle it. Depression and anxiety quickly settled in with just my presence there. I ended up taking various pills each and everyday just to calm my self down. Overall, my mum was scared that I would try to kill myself or something of that nature. She was the kind of person who would fear the worst, but a part of me was to blame for that.

My parent's divorce took a big part on why we moved. For years, my dad was never really there, well, he was but not physically. I guess we just wanted a fresh start with everything. Living in the same place where we had gone through all the hardships didn't serve as a reminder of everything we conquered, but instead was a reminder of what we went through and what we would probably have to go through again. The milieu would never be good for us to keep staying there if we were trying to move on, so it was best if we'd completely move on, by moving out. We saw this as an opportunity to escape and start over, a new life, meet new people, and maybe, just maybe be happy.


Sitting in the car as we drive towards my new school located in Cheshire, my stomach begins to turn, making it hard to sit calmly in my seat. Being this far away from home isn't easy, let alone being in this kind of weather. Back home we got used to sunny skies and waking up to the chirping of birds, but here it's the complete opposite. The grey skies, stormy dark clouds covering the sun will take some getting used to, not to mention waking up to the pitter patter of the rain.

Before we get any closer to the destined area, I'm at a loss for words. My heart beat begins to accelerate and I can only think about excuses to avoid going any further, "You know mum, I'm-I'm feeling a bit sick, perhaps it's best if we head back," I frantically tell my mum, shifting my body towards her.

"Now don't you start, Louis, this will be a good change, trust me. If you try to avoid it, good things won't happen and you'll only be making it harder for yourself," she replies, confidently.

"What if they find out?" I ask in a low key voice, looking to her, my brows knitted in concern.

It takes her a moment to respond, giving me the impression she hadn't thought about all the possible outcomes. "Louis," she begins, "don't be so negative, try to think about all the positive possibilities. You're going to make new friends, have better classes, be in a better environment. The people here don't need to know why you've come here, but if they're persistent of knowing, then they should be willing to accept it." Her words speak of the truth, and she proves a point, but will the point be proven by the people?

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