Eye Might

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Title: Eye might

Genre / Subgenre: Science Fiction Dystopian

Story Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/45331412-eye-might

Status: Complete

Written by : NHeartless

Tags Used : ScienceFiction chaos control destiny dystopia dystopian fate power scifi survive teenfiction wattys2015


This story takes place in a world where superiority and power is based on the colour of one's eyes: Blue as superior, Green in between, with Brown eyes the lowest status of all. The drama revolves around the life and struggle of Nanette, a girl born from an arranged marriage between parents of the upper classes, but who's eyes symbolize poverty, misfortune and worthlessness: Brown.



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NHeartless threw me into a completely new and fresh concept of an incredible world. The strength and empowering personality of the main character just had me hooked! Nanette has a fantastic attitude to facing challenges which is inspiring. 

There are peaks of tension in this story, which opens with such a calm and measured tone as the girl looks back to the moment of her birth. The writer brings out the frustration and fear very well. I love how different and creative this whole story is, and how convincing it is.

Because the society in Eye Might is  so controlling and discriminating, and in light of the ages of the characters too, it reminds me to some extent of The Hunger Games or Divergent.

I recommend this story because I think readers would be intrigued by this new society. But also because the character Nanette brings a sense of pride, honour, courage, firmness and overall might which is truly inspirational.

 Relationships between the characters develop and evolve as they work out who they are and who they want to be. The inner turmoil of the characters is well drawn as the novel unfolds. Romance can be quite complicated for these teenage human beings!

Nanette's battle for life and justice, and the developing of strength through a family of friends, is at the heart of this unique tale. I strongly recommend you to read this book. I could hardly put it down!

Review by: NatiYsha

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