Those Damn Essays (3)

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First period came along with the closet thing I have to a friend. Noah Addison.

Noah had soft blonde hair moving at an angle over his eyes. His thick glasses were a window to his to die for blue eyes.  His dimples were cute in a shy geeky boy way.

Someone yelled out, “Look at the smart ass!”

Noah dropped his head into his chest and arm full of binders embarrassed and hurt.

“Oh, I wonder if his mommy made his lunch. Wait he doesn’t have a mom!” Somebody joked.

“Why don’t you shut the hell up before I fucking make you?” I warned.

Immediately the comments stopped.

Noah quickly made his way over to my side. “Y-you didn’t have to d-do that.” He whispered out.

“Noah, it’s fine. Those guys were being jack asses. They have no right to talk to you that way or about your family that way.”

Noah smiled softly at me. “Thank you Rory.”

I gave him a small nod looked back up to the front where the teacher just appeared.

“Ok class today we…”

The teachers voice drowned out of my head as she went on and on about something about the Greek and Roman periods.

“Rory…” Noah whispered.

I turned and looked at him.

“Are you ok?” He asked.

I raised an eyebrow; Noah knew I was asking why he thought that.

“Because you have scratches and stuff…”

“I’m fine,” I told him roughly.

With that he nodded but in his eyes I could see he didn’t believe me.


First period had ended and I decided I was going to take the long way around seeing as the English teacher, Mr. Darby, wasn’t on my good side, and I wasn’t on his. I would take my nice sweet time.

Walking up to my locker I dropped some of my stuff off and picked up some others my sketch book. Turning around I walked down the hallway my old leather combat boots rubber soles squeak against the floor.

Walking past a supply closet I head, “Oh Jesus, Bryan!” A female voice chocked out. “Faster! Oh god more!” She cried even louder.

“Oh Shana, I love the way you pull on my hair when I-”

“Woah.” I whispered to myself blocking out those pretty disturbing noises emanating from that closet.

Once to my class all eyes fell on me.

“Ahh, Ms. Blue, how nice of you to join us. Why don’t you talk to me after class?”

Glancing at Mr. Darby I walked right up to my seat and sat down.

“Ahum. Ms. Blue, we changed seats. You would’ve known that if you had arrived on time.” Mr. Darby said looking annoyed at me.

There was a snicker or two from the crowd.

“So then where is this new seat of mine?” I asked smugly.

Mr. Darby scowled at me even more. “Mr. Stone, would you mind raising your hand?”

Looking back I saw it was Mr. God-Damn-Perfect-Stereo-Type.



When the Aurora’s eyes found me, I immediately saw disappointment and anger in them.

Not arguing with the teacher she walked back and took the seat beside me, pulling her desk away from mine.

“Ahum, Ms. Blue,” Mr. Darby gave her a pointed look.

She groaned but pulled her desk back to mine.

“Thank, now class seeing as we may continue after being rudely interrupted, will someone tell me what Romeo said in scen…” After that everything was blocked out.

All I could think about was this fascinating girl beside me.

I wonder why she was in the art room in the first place? I asked myself.

Looking over to Aurora I found this random courage to ask.

“Aurora,” I whispered.

Snapping out of her little daze her eyes snapped to mine. They were a dark blue and looked cold as ever.

“What?” She asked obviously annoyed.

“Why were you in the art room?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know Freddy.”

“Freddy? My names not-”

“Obviously you have no sense of humor. Scooby-Doo? Plus ya kinda look like him.”

I frowned and my eyebrows quirked. “Uh, you’re relating me to a cartoon character, and he’s blonde. I’m not.”

“Never mind, dumbnut.” She groaned frustrated.

“Dumbnut? My names Gram Stone…I mean everyone calls me Stone though.”

“Do I look like I want you back story?” She asked annoyed.

“Err…no I guess not, but I was just trying to be nic-”

“Ms. Blue and Mr. Stone, talk to me after class!” The teacher yelled at us.

“Just fucking perfect…” Aurora whispered to herself.

The rest of the class I stayed silent, and kept my thoughts to myself.


At the end of class I gathered my binder and notebooks then walked to the front of the room.

Aurora was already up there waiting for me.

“Could you have been any slower?” Aurora hissed at me.

“Aurora,” Mr. Darby warned.

“Yes Mr. Darby?” Aurora asked, extremely flirtatious fluttering her eyelashes.

 Mr. Darby squirmed uncomfortably against his desk.

“Mr. Stone, you and Ms. Blue here are each going to write an essay on each other.”

Right then both of our jaws plummeted to the ground.

“It’s due in a month from today and it’s for a grade. Now, have a nice day.”

Before either of us could argue against him students came flooding in.

Aurora gave me on very pissed off look before stomping off out of the classroom.


Finally! I got another chapter up! So what do you think? Now the two have to work together and learn about each other! Does anyone else feel that this isn't going to go over well...? What do you think about my Noah boy? Cute or what? And what's up with what Rory heard in the cloest??


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