chapter 24

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Jade's p.o.v

I had to run to my house to quickly grab a couple movies and a sweater, it was pretty cold outside. Before I ran downstairs into the living room seeing Perrie waiting for me a slight smile on her face that still made my heart flutter. I grabbed her hand ready to go outside but I heard my mums footsteps behind us "Where are you two going." She asked. We turned around looking at her as she smiled at us. "I'm going over to Perrie's I'll be back later tonight though I promise" I said hoping she'd agree to let me go. A grin appeared on her face as she wiggled her eyesbrows "Okay well just use protection" She said. I looked at Perrie curiously seeing her face flush pink slightly. What was wrong? I waited for a while until the thought hit me. "Oh mam no that's not what I was talking about" I said feeling the heat rush to my face. She chuckled. "I'm just messing with you two have fun" "Ok bye mam" I said walking out the door with Perrie. "but not that much fun" We heard her voice say faintly. "Well that was bloody embarressing"

I said taking a seat in Perrie's car. She giggled slightly "Your blush..It's cute" She said before quickly kissing my cheek and driving off.


Perrie p.o.v

We made our way up to my room not getting bothered by anyone on the way. Which suprised me. This house was too quiet to my liking at the moment.

I just shook it off as Jade put in the movie turning on the t.v before curling up next to me. Her head resting on my shoulder as her arm made it's way around my waist holding me close the heat from her skin radiating around me making me smile at the warmth. I draped my arm around her shoulder putting a quick kiss onto her head before the movie started.


"Well that was depressing. Gets me everytime" Jade said wiping her tears that fell from her eyes as titanic ended. I chuckled kissing her cheek quickly that was the 3rd movie we watched today and yet there was still no sound from downstairs.

No way my family was still out. They had to be back right? "So what do you want to do now?" I asked Jade seeing her smile cheekily beside me before her body was ontop of mine her legs on either side of my hips and elbows next to my hair on each side raising her body up. "This" she whispered before putting her lips on mine with such force it made a pleased sigh escape my mouth. Cheeky little Jade was back.Every kiss was still like it was the first. Heart racing,butterflys, and just simply perfect. I grabbed her waist pulling her completly ontop of me enjoying the way our lips moved together in sync. She deepened the kiss biting down on my bottom lip.  A tiny moan forming in the back of my throat. She smiled quickly before I opened my mouth slightly letting her toungue slip in. I grabbed onto her shoulders. Just wanting time to freeze. Everything was peaceful right now. No care in the world. And no one was disturbing us. Her lips left mine before i felt them placing kisses on my neck. My heart seemed to beat faster. This girl was so God damn perfect. I gripped onto the fabric of her shirt as I felt her teeth graze the skin beneath my ear. My breath hitching as she unbuttoned my shirt and threw it off somewhere in the room leaving me in my tank top and jeans. Her lips making there way back to my neck and I missed the warmth of her lips on mine. I grabbed her chin raising her head to look down at me biting her lip teasing me I let out a frustrasted whimper as she wouldn't kiss my lips but kisses my forehead instead her lips going down to my nose and my upper lip leaving a soft kiss. another whimper escaped my lips as I grabbed onto the back of neck forcing her soft lips on mine just craving more of her as she ran her hands up and down my thighs making my whole body go tingly and heated. I wrapped my legs around her waist kissing her with all that I had. We were in such a heated makeout session right now that if anyone walked in right now we were screwed.I felt her hands tugging at the bottom of my tanktop before pulling it off slowly but as it reached my chest this is what we heard.

"Perrie!!" My dads voice echoed off the walls of the house. Making us break the kiss my mind racing. Fuck. Fuck.Fuck. I pulled my tanktop down as Jade went all the way to the other side of the bed. Her face cherry red as was mine. I grabbed the duvet pulling it all the way up to my chest trying to cover up the fact I was in my tanktop.

He would've suspected something since it was fuckin freezing out side.

"In here" I yelled thanking God that my voice wasnt shaky. His hand was turning the doorknob opening it and staring at Jade and I. A puzzled expression on his face. But also something with it. Disgust.

"Umm.....Hi?" He said hesitantly his eyes darting to Jade. My heart stopping as he asked. "Who are you?" Of course he was only this calm with company around.

"" Shaky words falling from her lips and I could basically sense her mentally face palming herself. My dad nodded eyebrows being brought together pursing her lips. I bet you he was throwing up on the inside from the sight of us in the same bed together...under the duvet

I just wish theres no makeup smudges on my face. Not now please. "Ok I'm downstairs" He said his voice a little colder then before before leaving.I let out a shaky breath. Hopefully he didn't think of this as much. But that was doubtful he thought too much of everything that was the problem.

"That was close" Jade said shuffling closer to me. "Yeah" Was the reply I thought of as I got all cuddly again with Jade.

We soon fell asleep my arm over her waist pulling her closer as she linked her hand with mine. My lips pressed softly at the back of her neck. I didn't care about her hair being in my face. as long as she was next to me i was alright.....Atleast for now


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