Draco Malfoy

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First Year

We were walking in the brisk pace of hurry. The Slytherins and Gryffindors were passing without so much a greeting. The girl would never cross in my mind if that day I didn't glance at the other side and caught her brief stare. She was a plain girl with bushy hair and monstrous front teeth. With eyes so brown. So plain.

But she had seen me.

Therefore, I stopped. Turned my body and waited. Staring at the Gryffindors back.


she looked back. At me. In this perfect silence of this empty hallway, we were staring at each other. She was the first to look away and walk away.

Leaving me.

Who smiled with pouring ecstasy.

Second Year

The girl who was brown and brown. Hanging out with so many colors around her. The red with blue eyes and the black with green eyes. She smiled brightly. Sitting at the fountain and talking with her friends in the friendly crowd.

Would she look at me? Hiding under the shadow in the outer corridor. Far away from her... would she feel my staring?


She felt in every fiber of her being. She looked up sharply. Straight at my eyes.

I grinned, baring my teeth.


Lovely, so lovely.

The crying face of my lovely girl.

Third Year

"What do you want?"

"Good evening, Granger. Where are your little boys? Not protecting the princess like always it seems...oh, are they slacking?"

"Leave me alone."

"I am afraid I can't do that, princess."

"Leave me alone."

"You see, there is an adorable ride for the princess. Would you like to see?"

"Shut up! !"

"Granger, you will like it. It has wings and sharp claws. It is big and can be a reliable protector if your little boys slacking on the duty. Sadly, it has no head."

"...What are—"

"Ah, the name is Buckbeak."

"YOU! !"

Lovely, so lovely.

The crying face of my lovely girl.

Fourth Year

"Good evening, Granger."

The girl tensed, staring at me from the corner of her narrowed eyes. I smirked. The anger was clear. The hatred was obvious. The revenge? Not so much. My lovely girl had a very generous heart. This little mudblood I had fallen for. Who had become beautiful with each passing day, each passing month, year.

"Leave me alone, Malfoy."

I sat on an empty chair beside hers. Her face darkened in distaste. She glared at my dishonest smile.

"Do you remember the day when I told you my name?" I asked, ignoring her familiar anger.

"Can you give me a space? I am busy here, you know," she gritted her teeth in clear annoyance.

"It was a beautiful day. Nice weather." I said lowly, "if only you were outside, you would like the wind of that day."

She stared at me in cold silence.

"You pushed me down on the stairs."

I laughed lightly. Ah, my generous girl.

"I like seeing you there," I said.

She snapped, "didn't you see the blood, Malfoy! ? Are you nuts! ? I almost died!"

"But, you were not."

"Fortunately," she hissed, "I am not."

I sighed. "If you are so angry at me, just give me away to the principals."

Her lips snapped close. Inward, I smiled darkly. Ah, my generous girl. Whose heart believed this dark vile would change one day. The girl who believed what happened in that nice day was merely an accident.

Did she remember the day I told her my name? I was looking up at the ceiling. The echo of my name rang among the perfect silence.

The girl lying on the stairs below were so lovely.

Fifth Year

"Granger, wanna hear a secret?"

Sixth Year

"Shall we be together forever?"


My dear Granger,

I have a very possessive nature.

Lovely, so lovely.

The lifeless eyes of my beautiful Granger.

Seventh Year

"Harry, we have to go back. It's raining."

"Ron, Hermione is...she is..."

"I know. We have to stop crying...we have to stop crying! ! This will not change anything..."

"Whoever did this! Hermione, we promise... we promise we will find that person!"

Did my Granger hear that? The wailing of neglected boys... could not even reach the hearing of my beloved. Far away under the heavy pour of autumn rain. In the gloomy cemetery of muggle. Far away. Far away from us.

In this perfect silence of the library she loved so much, beside the repaired window, above the cleaned floor, we sat while reading her chosen book for the day.

I smiled at her lovely pale feature. My chin rested on her shoulder while my arms embraced her shoulders from behind. My possessiveness was really bothersome, but I was fine with it. She was mine now.

In this peaceful silence my Hermione loved very much,

we would be together for eternity.

                                                                         _the end_

                                                  ('There is no one with that name.

                                                                  Even if it does,

                                            it would be in the twenty eight years ago.')

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