The Beginning

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(Notes: edited by @delennjadzia

Y/n = your name

F/c = favorite color

H/c = hair color

H/l = hair length

E/c = eye color)

YOUR P.O.V.                                                                                                                                              

I looked out the window of my car as I headed toward my house, the second one on the left.

"Mystreet... Hm, an interesting name for a street," I thought. When I pulled into the driveway I could not help but stand there, overcome by awe. I probably looked like a idiot, standing in front of a house for so long.

It must have been ten minutes before I heard someone say, "H-hi there... Are you new?"

I turned around to see a blonde boy standing in front of me, staring at me with deep blue eyes. I looked down at my feet. "Yes."

The blonde man said,"I'm Garroth!"

"I'm Y/n!" I say, finally looking up from the ground.


While Laurence and I were talking about Aphmau, I saw a girl with gorgeous H/l H/c hair staring at a house with a sign that said "SOLD" on it. She sat there, enraptured, for at least ten minutes so I went up to greet her.

"H-hi there... are you new?" Of course I knew she was new! Stupid question, Garroth.

She turned around and stared at me as though she was analyzing me, before ducking her head. Did I scare her?

"Yes," she answered quietly after a moment.

After that, I introduced myself and she did so as well. I left after a while to find some people to help her unpack. I thought about asking her if she needed the help, but I thought she might be more likely to agree if already had a group with me.


Unfortunately, Garroth left, so I took a deep breath and decided to get to work. This house is not going to unpack itself, after all. I grabbed a really big box, thinking and hoping that I could handle it. I'm a real believer in girl power. When I tried to pick up the box from the van, though, I managed to fall all the way onto the box. I looked to the side to check that no one was nearby... Luckily, it didn't seem like anyone had witnessed my tumble. I sighed in relief.

Just then, I heard giggles behind me. I turned around, red as a tomato, to I see five people there: Garroth, a girl with black hair and amber eyes, a brunette guy with crystal blue eyes, a guy with white hair and emerald eyes, and a guy with matching blue hair and eyes. I was certain that my E/c eyes had to be bulging right out of my head.

I finally said," Umm...... Hi."

Garroth covered his laughter and asked, "Are you okay? We were going to ask you if you need help."

How sweet! I looked at the box I had fallen into and imagined having to lug it all the way into my new home. "Please help me!"

The whole group dissolved into laughter for a moment before I realized I hadn't introduced myself yet.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. My name is Y/n," I apologize. "It's great to meet you guys!"

The first girl smiled. "I'm Aphmau. It's okay if you can't pronounce it," she laughed.

The guy with brown hair and crystal blue eyes simply said, "Laurence."

The boy with the blue hair was next. "Hello, my name is Dante." I smiled at him.

The white-haired boy surprised me by pausing before introducing himself, bending down to grab my hand and place a light kiss on it. "M'lady, my name is Travis but you can call me whatever you want." I Immediately snatched my hand back.

Before I could say anything at all, all of the boys groaned,"TRAVIS!!!"

I could not hold my laughter back, and I saw out of the corner of my eye that Aphmau was laughing as well.


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