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In the future anything is possible -- or so they say. To be totally honest I wish that the past had said that then laughed and gone on with their lives. If they had done that then my story would be different, all of our stories would be different. Now that I see the error in our ways I know what could have been and what would have never been. So much hate that we kept bottled in against a side that merely just saw something differently than we did.

Instead, our forefathers decided that they wanted to play gods. They altered humanity and decimated the world that we had once loved. Now there is never enough good, never enough bad, never enough perfection. There's always something wrong.

Now that we are actually starting to act like humans, that's when we get punished. We have no say unless we act like animals.

I know that now.

I now know that life isn't as simple as they once told me. That there are more than just one spectrum of emotions, there are some emotions that no one would have ever dreamed up.

Once, I wished that there had never been a change to begin with-- but now I see that without the change humans would have gone on living their normal, boring lives and never re-experienced the emotions that they had become so accustomed to.

I know that now.

My name is Maya Grainstolf.

My entire life has been a lie.

I am good, not bad.

I am special, not worthless.

I can change the world with one word.

I just have to be trusted again first.

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