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Now for the story~

~Next Morning~

I rolled out of bed, exhausted. Luckily, it was Friday. The weekend was so close... Yet so far. I groaned with that thought in mind.

I rubbed my face with a hand and shook my head. Walking to my closet, I continuously would sigh. I picked an outfit out from my closet and drawers. A tan sweater, a white dress shirt, a f/c skirt, and a pair of black knee high socks. Of course before I had put my socks on, I had redone my bandages. After getting dressed and doing my morning routine, I slipped on a pair of boots.

I slid down the railing after throwing my backpack on down and ran to the kitchen

I slid down the railing after throwing my backpack on down and ran to the kitchen. Dad threw me an apple which hit me in the chest. I deadpanned and took a piece of toast.
"I don't play sports that much, Dad."
"You should start then." He gave me a cocky grin and I rolled my e/c eyes.
"Anyways, I need a note to pass in gym? I hurt my ankle last night while I was... Getting up to use the bathroom. Is that okay?" I glanced to see Dad nod.
"Sure. You cleaned it up and everything afterwards? We don't want an infection." My dad was a male secretary at the hospital, so he got an alright pay and some knowledge on health stuff.

After taking his note and finishing my toast, I doused my mouth in mouth wash and got a piece of gum. Then, I ran to the bus stop. But of course not before all this, I had given Dad a sweet hug and a goodbye.

"Hi Stan. Hi Kyle. Hi Kenny. Hi Cartman."
"Hey Y/n." They all replied, Cartman adding his usual insult.
I stood in between Stan and Kenny. I gave a genuine smile to Stan. He smiled back before his face turned green. He turned around and puked. My eyes widened and I took a step back.
I don't think it was my breath, I did clean my mouth and I am chewing gum... What was it then?

"Ew, gay liquids!" Cartman said. I shot him a glare and went to Stan.
"Woah, dude. You okay?" I made a face mixed between worry, disgust, and curiosity. Mostly worry and disgust, though. Probably a weird expression.
"He's fine." Kyle answered quickly for him.
Stan wiped his mouth and pulled 4 pieces of gum out. He began chewing. We all returned to our places before the bus pulled up.
We all went and sat in our usual seats, me and Kenny in the row behind Butters. Style (Kenny and I agreed they'd be a cute couple. Lol) in the row across us, and Cartman sat in the row in front of Stan and Kyle. Butters turned to us, leaning over his seat.
"Did ya guys hear?!" His voice was almost as excited as his face.
"Hear what?" Kenny and I responded at the same time.
"There's a couple of new kids! I've heard their, like, twins."
I felt intrigued now and I am pretty sure Kenny is too. I gave Butters a smile then.
"Thanks for letting us know, Butters." He nodded, smiling and blushing, before he turned back around in his seat.

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