Chapter 35

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(Gemini Pov)

Birthday Was A Week Ago And I Had A Great Time That Night. Except For The Fact Janiq Didnt Show Up... She Came In The House Late As Shit Well More Like In The Morning...


"You Were Out Late Lastnight" I Said As I Layed On My Back And Watched As She Came Out The Bathroom.

"I Had A..." She Started To Say But Stopped To Think... To Think Of A Lie I'm Guessing.

"A What?" I Asked.

"A Late Customer..." She Said.

"A Late Customer?..." I Repeated.

"Yeah Then After That While I Was Designing Time Went Over My Head" She Said.

"Mmmm" I Said.

"Yeah Thats It... I Can Tell She Just Thought Of That But Hey Who Am I To Say She's Lying With No Proof. "Sorry I Missed Your Birthday" She Added.

"Its Alright..." I Said As I Got Confortable Under The Covers And Got Ready To Go Back To Sleep. "You Didn't Miss Anything" I Added As I Took My Ass Back To Sleep.

Nothing Except My Party And Meeting My Family And Everything Else That Went On Last Night... At The Least I Did Have Fun Though.

"Gemini?" She Called As She Sat On The Edge Of The Bed. I Knew This Because I Felt The Dip In The Bed.

"What?" I Said As I Opened One Eye To Look At Janiq.

"Are You Mad At Me?" She Asked Me.

"Im Trying To Sleep Here" Is All I Said And I Turned My Head And Closed My Eyes And Drifted Off.


(TD Pov)

"12 Bricks" Lani Yelled As He Slapped His Last Four Cards On The Table.

It Was Me, Lani, JJ And Gem... Just Us Guys Chilling Playing Our Little Card Game Where One Of Us Rob Another Of Their Bucks...

"Yall Pay Up" He Said Standing Up As He Gathered Some Of The Money That Was In The Middle Of The Table.

"I Aint Paying Shit" JJ Said.

"Thats What You Always Say Nigga..." Lani Said To JJ. "JSquare Yall Lost Fair And Square" He Said.

"Ole Cheating Ass" I Said.

"Cheating Is What You Had With Rain" He Said As He Counted His Money Like It Was Good. Like He Didnt Just Try To Diss Me.

"Shots Fired" JJ Said As He Sipped His Soda.

"Damn" Is All Gem Said.

True Shots Were Fired.
I Swear Lani Can Never Let Shit Go No Matter What It Is. He Have Always Been Like This He Always Loved Bringing Up Old Shit I Swear He The Main Reason Why I Be Throwing Blows With His Ass Sometimes.

Same With My Little Brother DJ Till This Day He Havent Let The Thing With Me And Rain Go. He Refuses To Talk To Me After That Thing With Rain He Just Went Off... He Loved The Girl But Me And Her Was The Pass.

"Alright Alright" I Said.

Lani Fired His Gun And Right About Now I Was Ready To Fire Mines To.

"Since You Wanna Bring Up Old Stuff" I Started To Say As I Layed My Cards Down.

"Ooo" JJ Said As He Leaned Forward To Hear The Tea.

"Lets Not Forget Who Also Had A Cheating Relationship And Worst Part About It Fam Is That Your Pull Out And Creep Game Was Weak" I Added.

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