Chapter 1

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I took a deep breath as I entered my classroom.

Wow. Am i too early?

Nobody was inside, not a single student to be found.

I glanced at my watch.

8:32 am. I'm even two minutes late.

I chose the seat next to the window, fourth row from the front. I pulled out my earphones from my bag and listened to music.

I kept on glancing at my watch and I also kept on looking outside the window. Twenty minutes had passed and not a single soul had appeared.

I'm Song Nayeon. A freshman at Monbebe technological University taking up Electronics Engineering. Pretty rare for a girl to take up such course, aye?

My dad is a Mechanical Engineer and my mom is a Civil Engineer. My two older brothers are also Computer Engineers. The blood of Engineers is flowing through my body.

I wanted to be a song writer but my parents disagreed on it. So instead of enrolling at Seoul Performing Arts University, I entered Monbebe Technological University, a school for Engineers.

I don't really like Math but I'm not bad at it.

And my first love is also here.

He is taking up the same course as I am. I heard he is the team captain of our school's basketball team. He is a second year but he got promoted as the team captain because of his skills.

Ever since we were in middle school, his passion for basketball is unbeatable.

At first I thought he will debut as an idol and belong to some dancing group. He sings well, dance, and he could play the piano magnificently.

When we were in high school, he once entered an inter-school competition for singing. He represented our school and he got the trophy. When I heard him sing on stage for the first time, i really fell hard.

His voice so firm and he hit every note correctly. I even cried when he won. He is so amazing, my Kihyun.

I have known him for years but the thing is, I don't think he knows me. We have never talked to each other because he is a sunbae to me. He is a year older and he is always with his friends.

Girls with guts confess to him even if his friends are present. I don't think I can do that. My guts are too weak and I doubt if I even have it.

But despite the disadvantages I have, I still want to confess to him. I still don't know how but I'm determined to tell him everything; my feelings for the past years.

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