"Not really. I want you to meet them. I want to show you off." I smirk while he looks at me stunned. We finish getting ready and drive to the restaurant, excited for our first outing in a week. We pull up to the hipster place and get out of the car. "Why this place?" Samson asks. "We used to meet here all of the time. They have great food for really good prices for those in our group who couldn't afford a nicer restaurant and it just stuck." I answer. We walk inside and I hear my name before we spot anyone. I follow the voice and see Alison standing up waving in our direction. I turn and walk in her direction when Samson grabs my hand kissing me on the side of my head.

We approach the table and everyone greets me with a hug before we sit down. I introduce Samson to everyone and he pulls me closer to him. Ryan smiles at me indulgently. He leans over and says, "A little possessive isn't he?"

"He doesn't know anyone, so he's in protective mode." I laugh. Ryan nods and leans back. We have a nice dinner talking and catching up. Ryan and Samson get along a whole lot better than I thought they would. At the end of dinner, I hug everyone and promise to meet them for dinner again. We're walking out of the restaurant and Samson says, "They're all really nice. You had some good friends."

"All of them except for one." I say. "Are you talking about me?" Abby asks snottily. "You were served with a restraining order." Samson says. "I was. Are you going to fight her battles for her?" Abby snaps back. "I don't have to, but you'll definitely regret that you didn't heed the order." Samson laughs.

About this time, Ryan and everyone else has filed out of the building looking at Abby. "What are you doing here?" Ryan asks. "You two have managed to take away all of my friends. I'm going to kick your ass." She says to me. Ryan takes a step towards her, but Samson holds him back, "Let her take care of this." I hear him say in a low voice.

I turn back to Abby, "So now we're both here, what are you going to do?" She pulls back her fist and tries to hit me and I catch her fist. She gets an enraged look on her face and pulls back, throwing a kick at me. I duck the kick and hit her in the face. Her head snaps back and she roars, running towards me. I step to the side, sticking out my arm, clothes lining her. Her neck hits my arm and she stumbles backward, almost falling.

She comes towards me again, trying to swing another punch and I dodge her and she ends up hitting my shoulder. It hurts so I decide to end this fight right now. When she throws another punch, I block it and hit her in the jaw with my left fist and then the eye with my right fist. When my fist connects with her eye, they roll up in her head and she falls back in what seems like slow motion and hits the ground.

"You knocked her out!" Ryan says, stating the obvious. "My girl has been FBI trained. She took me out the first night that I met her." Samson says proudly. "What do you do for a living?" Alison asks. "I'm a state trooper on loan to the FBI."

"No way! And she took you down?" Asks another one of my old friends, named Dawn. He nods, "This is my girl and she can take on anyone." He kisses me on the side of my head. "What are we going to do about her?" Asks Evan, another one of my friends, "We can't just leave her on the street."

"Don't worry about her. Tomorrow, she'll wake up in a jail cell." I say walking away. Everyone looks on in stunned silence when two policeman pick her up off of the ground and put her into a police cruiser driving away. "You have that kind of pull?" Evan says. I nod. "We will make sure not to mess with you." Alison jokes. We all laugh and leave, going to our cars.

"You have a nice group of friends. Except for that Abby chick of course." Samson reaches over and runs his fingers through my hair then putting it back on the steering wheel. "I'm glad that you and Ryan got along."

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