Chapter 26

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When we wake up this morning, we decide to go through the closets to see what we have to wear. The walk in closet is full of new clothes and accessories. We each pick out something to wear and take another bath inside of the enormous bathtub. "I could stay here forever." I sigh. "I would be right here beside you." Samson leans back putting his head on the pillow behind him. He reaches out his hands and pulls me to him and I settle between his legs and lay back on his chest closing my eyes.

"I'm so glad that I met you." A world full of feeling is in his voice. I smile turning my head and kissing him on the shoulder. We relax until the water starts to get cold and reluctantly get out of the tub to start our day. We have to let our friends know where we are and what's going on. We get dressed and pick up our phones. Both of us sigh in unison as we call our friends.

Melanie picks up on the first ring, "Where are you all? We tried to call you last night, but your numbers are changed and when we tried to come over your house, we were stopped by the FBI telling us that you had to move and will call us as soon as you can. We've been so worried."

"They moved us into a gated community because there were suspicious cars driving around the area for a few nights. We'll let you know where we live soon. We have to give it about a week." They also explained to me that I won't be returning to work for another two weeks instead of one. I hear Samson explain the same thing to Rose. "Is Ray still staying with you all?"

"Yes. He wanted to go get his own place for him and Raven, but we talked him into staying with us telling him that Raven needs Shannon right now since she's going through this tough time with her mother. We had to sit down and tell her where her mother was and what she did. She's not acting out or anything, but we see a sadness in her eyes that wasn't there before. We are looking for a therapist for her." She tells me.

"I have an appointment with mine next week, I'll ask her if she knows someone." I say. I feel for that little girl. I can't wait until next week so that we can go see them. We talk for a little while longer and then Samson and I switch phones. "Hi Rose," I say with a smile in my voice. "How are you sweetie?" She asks. "I'm doing great. I can't wait for you all to see this place!" I exclaim, "It's marvelous!"

I hear her laughter come across the line, "I can't wait to see it!"

We talk for a little while longer and get off of the phone. I look over at Samson who's getting off of the phone himself. He turns to me, "Well woman, where do you want to eat?" We decide and get into the car. I call my parents and Brandon to let them know what's going on. Brandon sounds relieved to know that I'm okay. When they let us go see everyone next week, I will definitely go and see him.

We find a diner on the corner and order food to go. While we're waiting, we sit holding hands just enjoying each other's company. Our food arrives and we go back to our new home and eat enjoying the food and each other.

Our week is spent getting to know each other better and getting closer. When we finally are able to get out, I remember that I'm supposed to have dinner with Ryan and my friends. I start getting dressed to get ready to go out. "Where are you going?" Samson asks, kissing me on the neck. I move my neck giving him the room to continue to nibble, "I'm going to meet Ryan and my old friends to catch up."

"Oh hell no! Why are you going to see them?" He explodes. "I haven't seen them in over a year. I just want to catch up and see if there's anything to salvage with any of them." I answer. "I'm coming with you." He demands. I shrug, "Okay." He looks at me stunned, "You don't want to go alone?"

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