Tags, Tags, Tags

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Okay, secret's out! We did some digging and found that adding 10 or more tags to your story can increase discoverability. What that means is, when readers search for stories to read, they're searching story tags, so get tagging, but avoid letting your Instagram-instincts take over —#you #know #exactly #what #we #mean.

A tag should always be one word or concept with no spaces, and works best when it reflects relevant themes, genres, and / or subjects of your story. For example, if you're writing a short story about Beyonce becoming a space cowgirl to sell lemonade in space with Blue Ivy, you'll want use tags like: #beyonce, #scifi, #lemonade, #space, #shortstory, #blueivy, etc.

To get ideas for tags, here are some questions to consider:

1. What is the genre of your story? (fantasy, thriller, fanfiction, etc.)

2. What themes develop in your story? (diversity, love, fame, bullying, etc.)

3. What kind of characters are in your story? (CEO, billionaire, student, YouTuber, detective, etc.)

4. Have you casted your characters? (Dylan O'Brien, Indiana Evans, Selena Gomez, etc.)

5. What would your readers be searching for? (funny, scary, fairytale, magic, etc.)

Still need more ideas? Here's a tip from writer @ldcrichton: 

If you'd like to know how to add tags to your story, you can learn that in our Guides for Writers

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