learn to love your lonely

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I am lost once again.
Lost in myself,
Not knowing who I am.
I no longer recognize myself or
The people that surround me.
I know who they are and they no
Longer mean anything to me.
I have self destructed for the very last time
And there is no one left to help me.
I never realized the extent to
Which I have been abandoned.
I have pushed away the people I love
For the very last time,
However I refuse to wallow in my
I will learn to love my lonely self
And become the woman I catch glimpses of
In short bursts of revelation.
I will become her and together we will be lonely,
But not necessarily alone.
Maybe, just maybe she will teach me what it's like to be happy in my isolated refinement.
She will teach me to say a quick prayer
Before heading into battle.
She will teach me to know myself.
And maybe she can teach me that
I am not so lonely, after all.

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