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"Dakota passes the ball to Zhang!"


"Zhang narrowly avoids a tackle and passes to Grace!"


"He's running! That boy can really run!"


"He swerves past LaRue and-"





The bleachers erupted in cheer. The lights blinded me.

Huff, huff

I was exhausted as beads of sweat stick to my back.


"Whoo! Grace!" Dakota flung his arm around me and grinned. "You did it! You did it again, man!"

I smiled forcefully. "We did it... And we only won by one point..."

Frank jogged over with a giant grin. "Jason! That was amazing!"

"You did great, too, man."

"You're going to the party aren't you?" Dakota asked. "It's at my place- to celebrate!"

"Nah, man. Too tired." I shook my head.

"Whaaat? But you're the star player on our team! I even snuck in three packs of beer!"

"No, I'm good. Partying really isn't my thing."

Dakota looked disappointed. "I guess only half our team is going, then... You and Frank are our best players..."

"Sorry, man," I tossed my towel over my shoulder. "Bye, then. I'm heading home,"


"Jason!" I saw Percy heading in my direction.

I instinctively grinned. "Hey!"

"That was great!" He almost went in for a kiss, but stopped to check if my dad was around. He settled for a fist bump instead.

"Thanks, Fishface." I said, smiling.

"Hey, Jason!"

Piper was dragging Leo and Annabeth behind her. "Pretty good game!" She said.

"Good game?! That was amazing! Jason Grace ducks around Clarisse! With only three seconds on the clock- he sprints! Aaaand TOUCHDOWN!" Leo said.

"Since when were you so interested in football?" I asked

"Oh, I'm not. I'm just practicing my commentator skills." He said smugly.

"Have you guys seen my dad?" I asked.

"Saw him on the phone in the back." Annabeth said.

"You wanna stay at my house tonight?" Percy asked hopefully.

"'Xactly what I was thinking." I texted my dad telling him that I'd stay over at Percy's and didn't wait for him to reply. "I'm driving."

"This is Paul's car." Percy warned me as he handed the keys.

"Percy, you're worse at driving than me." I reminded him.

"Shut up,"

The car ride was quiet with only a few words exchanged. Percy hummed quietly to the radio. I kept catching glimpses of him. He was just such a beautiful person. The blue lights sped by through the window behind him. His dark silhouette stood with contrast in front of the blurred light.

Focus on the road,

Ring ring ring

I picked up the phone and put it on speaker so I didn't have to hold it.

"You can't just leave like that!" My dad barked through the phone. "Who said you could sleep over at that Jackson's place?"


"Get back here! I don't like the look of that Jackson,"

"Dad, I can't,"

I glanced at Percy who bit his lip, but said nothing.

"Why not?"

"I'm already at his house," I lied. "It would be a hassle for them to drive me back,"

I heard him huff.



I looked at Percy. He was looking out the window. "Hey, don't worry about him,"

"Yeah," He said, not looking at me. "I know,"


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