Chapter 54

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Hi my loves , this might be kind of shorter than I've been doing lately simply because I've been testing all day 😩! Anyways, the drama continues on and only gets better from here on out cause I'm messy asf like that 😈🙌🏼!
1 month later:
Gio's pov:
The door opens and Jess comes into my room with a cupcake in hand and jumps onto my bed with excitement filling all over her face.

"Daddy this is for you," she says forcing the cupcake down my throat. I practically choke on it with the amount of force she uses to put it in my mouth.

"Thank you," I say with a mouthful ofthe chocolate goodness.

She scrunches up her nose and closes my mouth shut. "Mommy says don't eat with your mouth full, it's disguising."

"Oh yeah?" I ask opening my mouth all the way open.

She struggles to close my mouth once a again and giggles uncontrollably in the process.

"So what was the cupcake for?" I ask picking her up finding my way out off the bed and into the bathroom.

"Me and mommy are making cupcakes," she says as if that's the answer to my question.

"Okay, well why are you girls making cupcakes? What's the special occasion?" I ask placing her down on the bathroom counter.

"What's the what?" She asks with a confused face.

"Occasion," I say searching for my toothbrush. I probably left it down in the girls bathroom.

"Looking for this?" She asks pulling out my toothbrush from behind her.

"That's exactly what I was looking for," I say snatching it from her hands. "How'd you get it?"

"Magic," she says fluttering her hands in the air.

For so someone so small she knew a bit too much on how to take things without anyone knowing and how to sweet talk herself out of most situations.

After brushing my teeth I get her down and walk her out of the bathroom and down the stairs so I could take my shower.

"Hello, are you not going to say anything?" She says throwing her hands in the air over dramatically.

"Say what?"

"Boys, they're so clueless," she says face pulmping herself.

"Boys?" I ask stooping down to her level.

"What boys have you been talking to? The only people from the male species that you should know about is me, your grandpa, and all your uncles," I say pulling her nose slightly.

"And what about my boyfriend," she asks with her hands on her hips.

"Boyfriend?" I ask scooping her into my arms once again and walking down the stairs to her mother.

"What is this news of a boyfriend I hear?" I ask disturbing Kat from her work in the kitchen.

Her hair was placed up in a bun and unlike her usual skirts and blouses she wore, today she had on yoga pants and and a tank top exposing a bit too much for the liking of my eyes.

"It's a harmless crush," she says waving her hand into the air as if it was nothing but it was something. Something big. The thought of Jessica having a boyfriend didn't sit well with me and it wouldn't sit well with her uncles either if I told them about it.

"Why wasn't I told earlier?" I ask turning her to face me.

"Because it wasn't anything important, plus if you want to meet little Frankie so bad you can today because he's coming over," she says once again turning her back towards me.

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