Chapter 6

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Ally's POV
Everyone feels really bad for Lauren. She just got Rachel back and she just died just like that. Brad and Kendall are trying not to brag or be really cute when they're around her. Lauren hasn't spoken in days since Rachel died.

Ariana as accepted the fact that's she one of us and started to live with us in this safe house. It's not that bad. Brad, Austin and Jesse fixed up the place.

There's a lot of people in this small house so some of us share rooms. To save Dinah I volunteered to share a room with Normani to save all the awkwardness but Dinah said it was fine. Which left everyone questioning everything but we forgot about the whole thing.

Brad and Kendall share a room with Harry and Louis. I share a room with Ariana, Austin and Jesse. Dinah has a room with Normani and Chris. Lauren just has her room to herself.

We all expected Camila to come over and visit Lauren but she hasn't came by. We see her at school but she hangs out with freshmen's. She looks odd she looks weak for some reason.

Lauren's birthday is in a few days and everyone wants to have a family dinner.

Lauren's POV
I don't know why everyone is making a big deal about Rachel. She's in a better place now. I'm not over her but I'm in the process of getting over her.

"Lauren hurry up." Ally called from the living room. School time. I really want to see Camila. She's been hanging out with these girls and she looks drained. Maybe we could just hang out or something.

I got out of my room readying for school. Everyone was already waiting for me. "Guys we know that those people know we go to school if you see anything suspicious call one of us got it." I said looking at everyone. All of us were scared.

Since this happened I have been more of a leader than Brad. I guess Brad can be the leader for the werewolves and I'm the leader for the vampires but everyone listens to me.

We all got in our cars and made our way to school. "I can't believe you didn't see her tattoo." I heard Jesse and Austin. I knew they were talking about Camila.

"She's easy I bet I could do it." I heard Chris say. I gripped the wheel and tried to focus but when I hear them talking about Camila and how easy she is I got really mad.

"I wonder where it is." Jesse smirked. "Enough, got it. If I hear you talking about Camila I promise you you're gonna regret it kid." I said looking at Jesse. He nodded.

I looked back on the road smirking to myself.
We got to school and when I saw Camila I couldn't help but smile. I walked up to her alone seeing her look at me but it was different.

"Hey." I said seeing her friends come in between us. "She doesn't want to talk to you." They told me. I chuckled looking above them seeing Camila out of it.

She looked sick.

I looked at the girl and I suddenly remembered her. These are the girls Ariana, Selena and Demi turned. They need new blood and that's why they picked Camila.

"Get away from her." I told the short blonde. She smirked rolling her eyes.

"She doesn't need you." She told me reaching for Camila's hand pulling her to face me.

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