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"This is where the truth finally hits your ears,

Everything connects, and all at once makes perfect sense.

Regrets: living blindly only held you back

And this, is where you'll find:"


    Levi quickly pulled on clothes, and yanked his fingers through his hair nervously. He paced back and forth across the floor of the bedroom, your voice saying that he was going to wear a hole in the flooring laughed in the back of his mind. He glared at the white carpet, finding no satisfaction in its spotlessness. Instead, only his mind finding it as a good canvas to paint your image across.

"Stupid," Levi roared, blindly punching the nearest wall. His hand easily went through the first layer of dry wall, leaving a bulging dent in the other side. "What kind of fucking despicable hypocritical asshole am I?"

How long did he seriously think he could keep up the act? Levi knew you weren't stupid like he told those girls. So how could he disillusion himself into thinking you would be?! Because you loved him?

Even love could only be stretched so far.

Why did he even start doing it in the first place?

Why did he start sleeping around behind your back? Levi didn't care for those girls like he cared for you, and he didn't want them like he wanted you! And they most certainly didn't want him like you did! But yet, he found himself scrambling back into the ring of fire like he did when he was single! When his days consisted of long evenings of one-night-stands where all he wanted was to go home to the same face, and have the same girl every night.

Levi finally had what he was looking for, so why'd he shoved all away?

And that was when Levi found his horrible, disgusting truth. The reason he couldn't bring himself to stay loyally by your side suddenly attacking his conscience, bearing down on his shoulder's like it was the world.

"Coward!" he growled angrily at himself, his head squeezed tightly between his palms as he sat on the end of the bed. "You fucking disgusting coward."

He was scared.

Levi was scared, totally terrified of the feelings you had come to give him.

They were...huge and confusing and overwhelming! They stressed him out, causing him to pine for women with no attachment. Beautiful girls with shitty personalities and short dresses.

Levi wanted a reliever from it all, from you because you exercised parts of his mind that had never been touched.

"You should have fucking sucked it up, you shithead, been a fucking man about it!" spat Levi, fists curling in his hair.

All you ever did was care, curled inside your own shell while trying to pry him out of his. You wanted so bad to know everything about him and, as much as Levi had tried to hide, he allowed you some of that knowledge.

All Levi ever wanted was to know you, from the first time he laid eyes on you. You were different than any other girl he'd seen. You didn't try and flaunt yourself, even genuinely blushing and giggling when he'd come up and flirted with you.

He glared at the floor, remembering the first night he ever saw you. The night that changed everything.

But, no matter what happened, Levi never regretted you walking through the doors of the bar.



"There's no way out, you did this to yourself.

There's nothing left now, and you're just getting lost in this.

So get yourself out, and reach down inside yourself.

And pull yourself out, it's time for you to live with this."

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