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" Lost and losing touch

Our love is fading with every mistake

You've been making..."


You drove quicker than you normally did, hands gripping the steering wheel in a white knuckled vice. The road hummed noisily in your ears as you went over your friends in your head, trying to figure out where to go.

He should be finding the note by now, you thought, another tear rolling down your cheek.

You drove across town as you finally figured out who go to, they would have to work. They were the last people Levi would ever check to see if you were with.

The road seemed to stretch on forever, building after building passing by you in a blur. You hoped there were no police out to pull you over. You weren't in the mood to have to deal with a ticket on top of this.

You tried your best to ignore the circumstances, attempting to convince your mind that it was just a casual visit. If you didn't, a panic attack threatened to squeeze your air ways shut. You breathed a sigh of relief when the building you were looking came into sight.

You parked behind the apartment building, and walked up to the rusting door. You searched down the list of last names scrawled in white squares on a silver panel, until you came to the one you wanted. Pushing the call button, you waited.

"Kirstein residence," chirped Marco's voice from the call box with a yawn.

"H-Hey, Marco!" You tried to sound cheerful, but your voice faltered. "It's me, [Name]. I-I'm sorry, I know it's late, but c-can I come up?"

"Yes, of course!" Marco rushed, worry etching his tone. The backdoor clicked as it unlocked, and you pulled your suitcases in behind you. You took the elevator up four floors, and made your way to the last unit on the left.

432, glinted at you in golden numbering from the dark brown door.

Before you could even knock, the door swung open to reveal Marco in pyjamas with Jean in matching ones standing close behind him. You didn't say anything at all, a sob forcing its way from your throat when you tried. You latched onto your freckle faced friend, hot tears pouring down your cheeks as you hiccupped and sobbed.

Marco cast a look back at Jean, who nodded. The freckled boy then led you into the apartment, his duel toned husband grabbing your bags and shutting the door. Marco eased you down onto the pale blue couch, rubbing your back in small circles.

"Hey, it's alright," he muttered, but you shook your head. He waited a few more minutes, waiting for you to calm down, before asking what was wrong.

You pulled a Kleenex from the box Jean had handed you, blowing your nose loudly. Tossing the tissue in the small trash can beside the couch, you rubbed away the extra tears. As you turned to face your friends, your hands crushed the tissue box.

"L-Levi," you whined, voice cracking. "H-He's chea-eating on me-e!"


"I'm holding out my hand 

I hope that you'll take it 

Maybe we can make it through this

And finally do this right..."

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