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"Late one night I heard 

The sound of an empty room and a single word..."


     Levi emerged from the steaming bathroom with a pristine white towel around his hips and water dripping from his hair. He smirked to himself, his heart fluttering the slightest bit, to seeing where you were tucked up in his bed. You were the foolish girl he so adored, who gave into him without a second thought.

Levi perched on the edge of the bed, realizing he'd forgotten his phone so he could set up his next rendezvous in secret. But he figured you were sleep.

You'd never have to know.

Levi never wanted you to know. The thought of you ever finding out about his extracurricular activities burned his chest like a red hot fire. He wanted to be only yours but, at the same time, there were so many other beautiful women out there.

He wanted them all.

Physically, anyway.

But you were the only one he wanted all of. Levi wanted to know your every secret, everything that made you laugh; he wanted your every kiss and touch. No other man was allowed to have you, he wanted you to be his and his alone. He knew you wanted that of him too – too bad he was disgustingly hypocritical.

Levi raised an eyebrow to the folded paper on his white phone. That hadn't been there before. His heart skipped as he read his name, in your writing, on the side facing up. What was this? When did you write this? You were curled up, fast asleep behind him.


Slowly, Levi unfolded the paper...

Dearest Levi,

I know everything.

The raven haired man stared at the paper, stopping at those five words. He couldn't will himself to read further until these ones held meaning. The words stung his eyes, scraping across them again and again as an unfamiliar sickly feeling washed over him. The paper crinkled as he pinched it tighter between his thumb and foreknuckle.

You knew everything?

About what?

He knew the exact answer to that question, but found he couldn't bring himself to think it.

I hope they were worth it.

I really did love you. I still do.

Please, don't try to find me. I don't want your lies.

- [F/Inital]

Levi stared at the quaking paper motionlessly, a strange emotion snaking through him. His heart painfully pounded like a malfunctioning jackhammer against his rib cage. The hair on the back of his neck prickled, his face going cold while his limbs heated up. His hands were shaking, Levi realized, when the trembling of the words started to annoy him. Some of the lettering was smudged, the paper puckered with the tear marks of the writer.

A strangled nervous noise ripped from his throat. An odd sense of panic streaking through him, though his face held no emotion.

No. This wasn't true! It couldn't be...

Levi found he didn't want to think about what this letter meant.

You hadn't left him, you were still in bed behind him.

You had to be!

Levi twisted around the stare at the person shaped mound behind him. The pale man reached an uneasy hand towards the blankets, hoping that the note was a lie, just some stupid joke to scare him.

"[Name]?" Levi said, the slightest shake to his voice. Be there, you better fucking be there, he repeated over and over under his breath. Finally, he grabbed a handful of black and white comforter and quickly ripped it off.

Levi's eyes widened a fraction to find just a line of pillows.

He angrily threw the comforter on the floor, tossing the pillows across the room as he searched for the punchline. Levi searched through the closet, routing through the clothes, and opened the armoire. He knew you weren't in the master bathroom...

When Levi's search under the bed came up inconclusive, he stood in the centre of the room glaring around with his fists clenched and shaking with annoyance and nerves. "What the fuck?! – [Name]! - Where the fucking hell are you?!"


"And it took time to pass 

But I found nothing in the woods when I searched for it..."

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