Chapter 14 - The Chicken

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It was hard seeing her so upset but we managed to get through Naomi's grandma's funeral without any hiccups, but we were all extra alert in case Christian had anything bad planned for us. Steve had called the insurance company and they'd sent someone out straight away to fix the broken window.

I was starting to think that perhaps the brick was going to be Christian's only form of retaliation but after the funeral, I knew that we had only seen the start.

"I've got a plan" Tom told us. By now we knew that those words were never going to be followed by anything good.

"What now?" Aaron sighed.

"I did a bit more research and I found out that Christian still hasn't put any security cameras anywhere so it'll be a piece of cake to get into another home"

"Who says we want to?" I asked.

"I do. Sure, he's closed down one home but he's still dominating us and Steve is still going to sell up. We have a week and a half left and then that's the end for us. It's now or never!" Tom rallied.

"I'm kind of edging towards never" I admitted.

"I agree with Sam" Aaron said. "I have enough stuff to worry about right now without getting involved in another stupid suicide mission"

"Like what?" Tom asked.

"Like planning the wedding remember? Do you have any idea how stressful that is?"

"Yeah well it'll be a lot more stressful when you don't have a job to help pay for it" Argued Tom. "Besides, I've already set the plan in motion anyway so it's actually too late"

"What did you do?" I asked fearfully.

"Let's just say that Christian's going to lose another home, and we're going to be undercover again so we can have front row seats" Tom grinned manically.

"Are you nuts? He's going to know it was us" Aaron seethed. "What do you think he's going to do when he goes on the warpath again?"

"I say bring it on! What can he possibly do to us now? Steve's putting in some security cameras and we're not stupid enough to leave keys lying around the joint. You guys need to relax"

"What exactly did you do?" I asked. I hated myself for it, but I was actually really curious now. "You better have stuck to our rules; these dead people don't deserve to be embarrassed"

"You'll just have to wait and see" Tom smirked. I knew he was just trying to help Steve but he was really starting to freak me out. He was getting far too heavily involved but I was hardly going to be able to stop him was I?

We took care of the few tasks we had for that day and then once again piled into the minivan which I'd now accepted had probably seen more excitement in the last few weeks than it ever had before. We parked up further away than usual in case Christian recognised the vehicle from our previous exploits.

As much as I hated him, I had to give Christian some credit. He could easily have left all of his servants to do everything for him but he didn't. Despite having four (now three) funeral homes, he conducted every service that he was asked to and seemed to make an appearance at every one of his parlours every day. He was certainly a hands on guy, and if he wasn't such a prick then maybe I wouldn't have minded the idea of working for him once Steve sold Eternal Wings. Unfortunately, Tom had other ideas for Mr. Goldstein.

I thought we were going to head to the graveyard again, but this time Tom led us straight to the front door of the funeral home.

"We can't just walk in the front door!" I cried.

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