Chapter Eighteen

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Alex's P.O.V

Natalia finally walked into the coffee shop, looking around and walking to us when Stellan waved her over. I took her in as she got closer. She wore a loose black shirt with a long gold chain. A pair of pale pink pants hugged her legs and stopped just at her ankles, leading to black lace up boots with a short heel.

She sat beside him on his right which was all the way across from me at the table. "You made it; we thought you'd be a no show." He said with a smile.

She turned to Stellan but her eyes met mine briefly, "I would've texted you if I wasn't coming."

"We were waiting for you before we ordered."

"I'm here now."

Finn held up his hand for the waiter who'd been waiting for us to order for ten minutes.

We all ordered one at a time and when it got to Natalia I raised my eyebrows when I heard. "I'll have a tall iced tea with two wedges of lemon and no ice, medium fries too. Thanks."

"Isn't the point of iced tea having ice in it?" I asked her once the waiter had taken everyone else's orders.

"It's cold enough to still be considered iced without the actual cubes melting in my drink and diluting it." She explained, running her finger in circles around the empty glass in front of her.

"I forgot how demanding you could be."

"How can you ever forget that detail?" Kaya grinned.

"It's stupid of me I know," I grinned back, switching my gaze back to hers, "How do you explain the two lemon wedges?"

"They always put too much sugar so the extra lemon wedge balances it out."


"Are there any more questions you want to ask me?" Natalia smirked, a glint in her eye I understood. She knew that I had a lot of questions to ask that would have to wait until we were alone so she'd be more open.

"I'm thinking." My smile slipped when I saw Stellan's hand disappear behind her back, touching her and she responded by leaning forward to say something quietly to him.

He said something back, only removing his hand after a few more minutes of them talking to themselves. "I'm going to check out the pool table behind that curtain, who's coming?" He asked much louder so the rest of us could hear.

Finn and Lawson agreed to go, Kaya went to the bathroom first and I waited for Natalia's response before I gave mine. She flipped through the text book I hadn't even noticed was on the table and stared at the open page she chose, "I just have to read through a chapter of this then I'll join you."

Stellan's fist bunched up by his side, facing me, "I'm guessing that you'll join us later too?"

"Yeah, I just have to go over my notes for physics." I told him, not sure why I was lying to my friend, it felt wrong.

"Since when do you care about physics?" Lawson asked with surprise, undoubtedly confused by my odd behaviour. If I told them the real reason why I was making excuses to stay then I'd never hear the end of it so I'd do it soon, not right this second.

"I care about it enough to skim read my notes for five minutes."

He shrugged, placing his hands on Finn and Stellan's shoulder, "You have fun with that. When you get bored in two minutes we'll be over there."

I watched them disappear behind the curtain and after a few seconds I shifted to the seat beside her, she looked up and stopped pretending to be interested in her book. "You're coming to the game today after school right?" I asked, hoping that she'd say yes.

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