Chapter 44- Paintball

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Chapter 44- Paintball

I start laughing but Dylan doesn't laugh with me, I turn to face him and he keeps his eyes on the road, "Wait, you're serious?" I ask slowly.

He turns into the driveway of his house and smirks at me once he has parked his car, "As serious as the holocaust." he says and gets out the car.

I get out after him with a frown, "What are we at your house?" I say. I still remember when I got high off brownies and had to sleep at Dylan's house, and it wasn't a sugar high... That was not a good memory, especially the fact that I murdered Spongebob in cold blood.

He unlocks the door and let's me pass then follows me in and locks the door. "The last guard leaves Disney at three in the morning and so we have to wait 'till then. Honestly, they are really stupid to have no security guards but I guess the alarm there is pretty good." Dylan says, talking mostly to himself.

"How do you know this stuff?" I ask. "Google. I mean, if people willing put up videos of themselves naked then why wouldn't they put the times that the security guards leave Disney?" Dylan explains, walking up the steps.

I roll my eyes, such Dylan logic. We walk into his bedroom and he starts digging im his closet for something. "Wait, if you knew we were coming to your house, why couldn't I just change here?" I ask slowly.

Dylan shrugs and smiles, "What fun would that be?"

I laugh and scoff at the same time, is that a thing? Like I just laughed slightly as I let out a- Whatever, that's not the point.

I move foward and shove Dylan and just as he is about to trip he wraps his arms around my waist and takes me down with him.

He flips me around and gently places a kiss on my nose which still somehow gives me butterflies. He then stands up and holds out a hand which I take.

"So I have decided that while we wait, we can play paintball, there is a park around the corner that we can go to and I have paintball guns here?" I nod in agreement and sit on the bed while Dylan gets the guns.

When he comes back up, he is carrying two paintball guns as well as a little book. He sits down next to me and places the guns on the floor, handing me the book.

The front of it says "Coupons" in bold letters, "You're giving me a book of coupons?" I ask in confusion. Dylan chuckles slightly, "They're not store coupons. They're coupons for me. Like if you want me to make you cookies, you just write it down on the space where it says 'task' and I have to do it. But it only starts after the date, you're not getting out of this one nerd." he says with a grin.

I smile and look at the little booklet. So if I wanted all his money I just write it down and he has to do it?


"Why?" I ask, slightly confused. He sighs and brushes a hand through his hair, "Because I said your kiss meant nothing to me when in reality, it meant so much and I hurt you because I was a dick and I'm sorry. You mean so fucking much to me and I love you more than anything. I understand if you dont forgive me but like Hannah Montana says," Dylan stands up and starts dancing really badly, "Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days, everybody knows what I'm talking about, everybody gets that way!" He sings and sassily snaps his fingers.

I laugh and Dylan gets down on his knees in front of me as I sit on his bed, "So, could you ever forgive me, my princess?" he asks with a genuine smile. I nod and he places another kiss on my nose, making me blush.

Mamma mia, again with the blushing.

I stand up and he stands up with me, "Now let's go shoot each other." Dylan says. This is starting to sound more and more like Romeo and Juliet.

We both go downstairs and drive to the park, not wasting time. He hands me my gun which is fully loaded and I switch off the safety. Mwahaha, I'm going to shoot my boyfriend. How sadistic.

"Wait Dylan, I can't get these cloths dirty!" I shout to Dylan that is walking to the other side of the park.

"Take off you're cloths!" he shouts, looking back at me and smirking. "What? No!" I say, already feeling self conscious. 

"Princess, we're the only people here, I've seen you in a bikini. Just relax and take it off."

I sigh and pulling of the hoodie and the tracksuit pants, thank god it is dark here or I would die of embarrassment.

Once Dylan's cloths are on the floor, I pick up my gun and run in the opposite direction as Dylan. This is going to hurt like shit.

As I run, I hear Dylan chasing after me. Huh, running away from Dylan Thompson. This feels like Déjà vu.


Yeah *starts jumping up and down like a crazy lady* the next chapter is them breaking into Disneyland! Ahhh! I've planned it all out and these rides that they go on are actually real because I have been to Disney world about four or five times and I remember it clearly but there will be a few changes to what it looks like.

Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter and keep reading to see what happens next ;) *starts singing* I'M SO EXCITED AND I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT!

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