Are you hurt?

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This is a personal imagine for Majdolin_2002!


With Justin Bieber!

I hope you like it!

#imagine you go to One Direction concert and the only reason you went was because of Louis Tomlinson (you find him extremely cute) you've been waiting for ages to go in as you're standing impatiently. But as you give your ticket to enter, a huge gang of fellow directioners push you so hard, that you land hard on the floor, swept to the side. You're crying so much and you're in pain. Out of nowhere Louis comes to you and picks you up, you start crying, he wipes your tears. Suddenly you here a warm sexy voice behind your ear 'I'll take it from here Louis!' You turn around and it is Justin you can't believe it you just grab him and give a huge hug. 'Its ok baby girl' Justin says and he grabs you gently by your waist. 'Are you hurt!' Says Justin with concern. You nod. 'Dont worry I will kiss you better, come with me...'