Bullied and abused - A justin bieber love strory

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Let me get this straight. Firstly, I have not edited below this note and so on. Secondly, it makes me so angry how people judge that something happened to Faith at the end of the book. Yes, I ended the book but there is a sequel for crying out loud! 2 sequels in a matter of fact. Like it says below, this is my FIRST BOOK so don't hate on this book or either me for my absolutely crap writing.


Hey there I'm Sophie. I absolutely adore Justin bieber! Well kidrauhl ;) this is my first ever book! Please no hate!

Imagine you are yourself in this book and imagine yourself in a different town and school (if you want to). This book could be all about you and Justin.

If you are being bullied at school then it's ok. I know what you are going through as I've been through it myself. Stay strong and love your haters! It makes them angry! Now onto the story! Oh and by the way you are a girl named faith in this book!


Me: "hey kids! Jason, Maddie and Tiena"

I heard all mine and Justin's kids run down. They all looked scared to death.


Me: "sit down chickens"

They all nodded and sat down on the couch opposite me and my husband Justin.

Justin: "how about a story about mine and Faith's life"?

Jason: "well we've never heard about it so.. FIRE AWAY"!

Jason, Maddie and Tiena giggled. I smiled and so did Justin. Justin took my hand in his. Oh and by the way Jason and Maddie are 20 and Tiena is 8. Me and Justin are both 39.

Me: "so mr Bieber. You want to start it off"?

Justin: "I'd love to. We'll take turns"

We both smiled and Justin started the story. And with that my mind went back to when I was a teen.. In love with my bully.

(Story) *Faiths POV*

I wake up to the sound of my alarm going off. Great another day of school. Fun fun fun. I jump out of bed and walk to the bathroom to take a shower. I got in and started showering. I started to think why me? Why am I the one getting bullied? By the JUSTIN DREW BIEBER! And his friends Chaz and Ryan. Wait nobody should be going through bullying. IT'S NOT FAIR! In the corner of my eye I saw something shining. I turned my head to see a razor sitting on the side. I don't think I should cut or anything. Things might get better i guess. Or will it? I don't know. I jumped out of the shower and dried off. I walked to my closet and got out black skinny jeans and a black top saying 'PUNK' on it. I also got out my grey thin hoody. I wish I had a thicker hoody so Justin, chaz and ryan's punches don't hurt as much. But I guess it wouldn't make a different :(. I got dressed and walked down stairs. My dad was passed out on the sofa. Oh did I forget to tell you that my dad abuses me? I don't think I did. My mum died a few years back from a car accident and my dad has been different ever since. I want my old dad back. The one that was sweet and caring. Not the one now. The thought of my mum sent a tear to fall. I wiped that away and put on my black converse shoes on and grabbed my bag and walked out of the door. I looked at my watch. Oh crap the bus turns up in 10 minutes. I started to run. But as I was a few minutes away from the bus I saw someone I really didn't want to see. Justin.

(Justin's POV)

I started hearing running behind me. It can't be serious I guess. I didn't bother to look. But then this person stopped. It's like she's running and then she stops right behind me. I turn round to see Faith. Her frozen fragile body was just standing there. I just wanted to walk up to her and hug her. Shut up Justin you hate her! So I decided to start off the convo :')

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