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Tiny Klaine Stories: Take me as I am(part4)

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{Hey there lovely klainers & gleeks, thanks for sticking with me up to now, I got 460 reads which is 60 more than what I asked for! :') Thank you for all your support! Love ya xx So here you go with the last part of this story, it's short but hey, it's called "TINY" Klaine stories so... :D

.I spread love & ignore the hate.}

**Kurt's P.O.V**

I stayed there till evening. Nothing changed. He was asleep & not even once said my name. I knew that I had to leave but just couldn't. I couldn't walk away from my love, from my man, my shield yet I had to, so I went close to his face to kiss him for the last time but then figured he may wake up & freak out since he doesn't know me anymore. Even thinking about that made my heart ache. So instead of kissing him directly, I kissed my first two fingers & tapped them on his lips softly. 

_:"Good bye Blaine... I will always love you..." & then I ran out of the room while tears were falling down from my eyes, uncontrollably.

**Mr.Anderson's P.O.V**

I don't know how I drove to the hospital. I couldn't concentrate at all, all I thought about was my son, who was laying on a hospital bed. 

_:"What if he never remember his own father?" I thought inside & shivered. When I got there I went to the elevator & pressed 2 which was the floor Blaine was in. It took the elevator a long time when it stopped & the door got opened. I rushed out & started running toward his room when I saw Kurt running out of it with puffy red eyes & tears streaming down his face. He kept on screaming something like:"It can't be happening."

_:"Kurt, Kurt!! Hey!!! Stop, stop, stop..." I held him by his shoulder.

_:"What happened? What's wrong?" I held him with lots of force because he just wanted to run away.

_:"What's wrong? Hah!! I'll tell you. My boy friend aka your son, does not remember me anymore!! He does not remember the most simple memories of ours!!" He replied harshly & broke down once again.

_:"Oh my God... No..." I couldn't believe him. What I was afraid of, had happened & I couldn't do or say anything to comfort Kurt actually I needed some one to comfort me! When my hands went weak, he said:"I don't wanna live any more..." & with that ran away from my sight & left me alone in the cold corridor, walking toward Blaine's room.

When I reached it he was asleep. I took a seat next to his bed & held his hand. 

He opened his eyes slowly & looked at me. I waited to see if he can recognize me.

_:"Dad?" He said & with that one word all the happiness in world ran through my body.

_:"Hey, son!! I'm right here!" I was too excited that almost attacked him with a hug. He gladly hugged me back. Then pulled off & looked around the room:"Where is Kurt?" He asked still looking around.

_:"Aaah, he was too sad & broken when you woke up in the morning & did not..." I stopped. Did he just asked about Kurt?

_:"Who's Kurt?" I asked, wanted to be sure if he really remembers him.

_:"Dad? What kind of a stupid question is that?! Kurt is my boy friend, my one true love, my soul..." I cut him:"BLAIIINE!!! You can remember him?" 

_:"Dad you're scaring me!! Of course I do! Is there something wrong?" He said looking at me like I was a freak.

_:"That's a miracle!!! In the morning you woke up & did not recognize him when he was sitting right there talking to you about your memories. You told him that you don't remember any of them. Before I came in to your room, I met him in the corridor, running away, crying like crazy. He said that he doesn't want to live any more." I said sniffing back my tears of both happiness & sadness.

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