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Warnings: angst and swearing (hoohoo this should be fun)

Phil's POV

I don't really remember falling asleep last night, but Dan did carry me from the couch to our bed (I maybe pretended to be asleep so that he would carry me).

I wake up by myself- which is strange because normally I have a Dan attached to my chest. I stretch and yawn loudly. Slowly lumbering out of bed the only thing on my mind is coffee- I am not human until I have coffee!

The house seems quieter than normal, and a bit more eerie too. After I get my coffee and drink it (burning my mouth) I find myself wandering around yelling Dan's name. 'He's probably on the toilet or playing a game. Or both.' I think to myself as I nearly knock over a houseplant and the dog at the same time.

"DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNN?" I yell, waiting expectantly for a response. I try this method a few more times before panicking because you've got to consider your options, right?

Ok, now time to panic. "Where the fffffffiretruck is he?" I think hurriedly as I start racing around like speedy Gonzales trying to be the first in line for pancakes...does Gonzales even like pancakes? Everyone should like panc- OK THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO BE THINKING ABOUT THAT MY BOYFRIEND IS MISSING!

Out of breath and sweaty from all that sudden exercise, I sink down into the couch and pull out my phone, only to discover that I have 2 missed calls and 2 voicemails; one from dan's phone and one is from an unknown number.
I decide to go with Dan's first- surely he would be saying "Hey lion just going to get some maltesers and milk, want anything?" I think whilst putting my phone to my ear to listen to the voicemail- but what I hear is the exact opposite of that:

"Ph- Phil if you get this please help I went out to get supplies and I was taken somewhere and now I don't know where I am please help its dark and there is someone coming over to me PHIL HEL-" and the voicemail ends.

I begin to feel dizzy and my heart feels like it's going to come out of my chest. with a shaky hand and tears running down my red cheeks I listen to the next voicemail from the unknown number;

"Hello, Phil" a deep male voice says;
"We have your boyfriend, he has requested me to say this to you before we kill him- he said that he will love you no matter what and to not worry about him.. Well I think it's a bit too late now!"

The man stops talking and there is silence for about 5 seconds and then I hear an ear-piercing gunshot and a familiar yell. That was Dan.. My Dan..

I scream with all my might and fall to the ground. What person would do this? I have nothing left, Dan is gone.

The ground rumbles beneath me as I continue to cry and scream, I feel as if I am disintegrating, did Dan know that that trip to the shops was his last? Did he know that the last words he would say to me in person would be about cereal? You know what? Fuck this shit, why does everything have to be amazing then some fucker has to go and kill my Dan. I have no meaning, all my happiness has exploded out of me and I am no longer who I was. The ground shatters and I can no longer think straight. My eyes go foggy and everything goes black.




I awake groggily with my throat hoarse and my cheeks stained with damp tears.

A figure is beside me, shaking me violently whilst calling my name. My eyes adjust and I see a familiar mop of brown hair and chocolate eyes staring at me with worry.


"Shhh, baby it's okay, everyone's okay, I'm okay, you're okay, take a deep breath, tell me what your nightmare was about"

"You don't even want to know Dan" I say, kissing him just to make sure that he was real and this wasn't another fucked up dream of mine.
"What counts is that you are here, and that's all that matters."

Phil🐯: I love you
Dan👌🏻: I love you too lion

Well that just happened

I hope that was okay and it wasn't just really weird (it probably was)

I apologise

Sorry for not updating in a while, I would give you an excuse but I don't really have one :))


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