Show Me Love..

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Ellie-Mai used to be Nathan Sykes' girlfriend, but one night, she just left and never bothered to speak to or see Nathan again.

He was left heart-broken and he didn't know what he had done wrong.

But he managed to move on with his life and he has since been in a relationship with Jade Taylor, who has filled the hole which Ellie left when she walked out of his life.

What happens though when, during a trip to America, the boys walk into the bar where Ellie now works?

Nathan hasn't got a clue who she is, only assuming the she looks like Ellie and bares many similarities to his ex-girlfriend.

But, unfortunately for Ellie, Jay instantly recognises her and questions her about why she left; making it clear that she broke Nathan's heart and she should just stay away from them.

What happens though when Jay ends up drunk and discovers Ellie best kept secrets, and threatens to expose everything to Nathan?

Will this force Ellie into telling Nathan the truth and showing him love again? Or will she just run off and start all over again, like she does every time it gets hard?

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