Break Up, Make Up

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You have been thinking about it for a while now, and you've come to the decision to break up with your boyfriend, Harry Styles. It's just too hard to date an international celebrity. The fans hurt you, you don't get any privacy, and you never even get to see Harry because he's constantly working. It seems like he never has time for you. Today you are going to go home and you plan to tell him before you leave on your plane. You take a deep breath and walk into the room where Harry is. "Hello, love." he says with his deep voice and a smile. This kills you inside, and Harry notices something's wrong. He pulls you onto the couch next to him. "What's wrong?" he asks sounding very concerned. You begin to cry tears of guilt. This is the hardest thing you've ever done by far. Nevertheless, you sob and say, "I can't do this anymore, Harry. I'm sorry." His lips drag down to form a frown and he looks dazed, on the verge of crying as well. Not being able to bear seeing him like this and feeling awkward, you grab your bags and leave the flat.

You get to the airport and are just about to get on the plane when someone grabs you around you waist. You struggle to break free without looking behind you. "Did you really think I was going to let the most amazing girl in the world walk out of my life like that?" that familiar, British voice asks you. You jolt free from the grasp and turn your head to see him. Harry. 

You feel the tears roll down your cheeks again. As you try to continue to get on the plane, Harry turns you so that you're facing him. "I will do anything," he says, "I'll come and see you more. I'll get you more security so the fans won't bother you. I will do anything you want but please don't leave me, Y/N." You shake your head as he kisses your forehead. Harry presses his forehead up against yours. "Please." he whispers. You smile through your tears and nod. He kisses you again and takes you back to the flat.

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