Telling the gang

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The sun was the first thing that Johnny saw when he woke up early the next day. He sat up and saw Darry peaceful sleeping next to him. Johnny yawned and got up, knowing he would wouldn't be able to fall back asleep. He walked out into the kitchen and saw a small figure standing in the kitchen.
"Ponyboy??" Johnny said, walking into the kitchen.
"Hey Johnnycakes, ya sleep ok??" Pony said giving Johnny a smile. Johnny smiled back shyly. He nodded, then walked over to the refrigerator. Pony grabbed a mug from the cabinet.
"Ya want coffee Johnny??" Pony asked. Johnny nodded. Ponyboy grabbed an extra mug from the cabinet. He filled them up, and handed Johnny one. They walked over to the couch. Should I tell him?? Johnny though as he sat down.
"Pony I... I have something to tell you."
Pony looked up at "What's up buddy??" He asked. Johnny bit his lip.
"How... how's school going??"
He asked. He cursed himself for being such a coward.
Pony smiled, "Great, we're reading a book in English it's really inter-"
"I'm pregnant." Johnny blurted out. Pony gave him a scared look
"What??" Pony said, his voice on the end of screaming. Johnny started to get nervous.
" I'm pregnant." Johnny whispered. Ponyboy was shocked. He couldn't believe that Darry had knocked up his best friend!
"Have you told Darry?" Pony asked. I still can't believe that Darry..........
" Yeah I told them last night." Johnny said.
"Them?" Ponyboy questioned.
" Yeah, I told Two-Bit." Johnny said shyly. Pony was a little hurt that his best friend had told Keith and not him,but oh well.
" Are you going to tell the rest of the gang?" Ponyboy asked.
"yeah, I kinda have to. It will be noticeable in a few months." Johnny said look down at his stomach.
"When?" Pony asked
" Later, when they come over."
Johnny said. Then they just sat there.
         " Are you hungry Johnny?" Pony said with a smile.
            " Yeah, kinda." Johnny said. He returned the smile. Then Ponyboy went to make them so breakfast. Johnny went back into the kitchen and sat down and talked to pony. Not about the baby, they just talked. Johnny enjoyed that. They hadn't done that much because after the fire and Johnny killing bob, Johnny had become a lot more skittish. And seen that Ponyboy was 16 and was graduating that May. With was in 5 months. He had been put up a grade. He had a lot of homework. After a few minutes they hear Darry come down stairs.
            "Hey Ponyboy," Darry said. He still seemed happy. This made Johnny happy.
             "Hey love. How'd you sleep?" Darry said. Then he kissed Johnny. And then messed up Johnny hair.
           " Ok love." Johnny said. Adding quotations love. This Darry laugh and Ponyboy gag.
          "Shut put." Darry said. Then he throw a pillow at Ponyboy.
         "Hey! I'm cooking here!" Pony yelled.
"Whatever." Darry said talking a sit next Johnny. Then about 10 minutes later Soda got up. Then sat next to Darry.
"Did you tell Ponyboy and Soda." Darry said to Johnny after they were eating. Pony and Soda both looked up.
" I told Ponyboy. Not Soda." Johnny said. Soda looked at the couple.
"Tell me what?" Soda said as he put down his phone. Johnny looked at Darry.
" Well Soda," Darry said. " Do you remember how Johnny told us that he had both of baby making parts?" Darry asked.
" Yeah, why?" Soda asked. Then his eyes got wide.
" Johnny, are you? You know," soda said. Johnny nodded his head. Soda eyes got even wider and then he started to smile. This made everyone else smile. The they went back to eating. After awhile, soda asked:
" When did you find out Johnny?"
"yesterday." Johnny said shyly.
"When are you going to tell the others?" Soda asked.
" later today." Johnny said. After they got done eating, Johnny texted everyone else that they had not told to come over to the Cutis house.
After everyone was there, Johnny and Darry told them everything. Two-bit said things like "I was the first to know,
And " Yeah!" Soda cheered, Steve was shocked and Dally just stared at Darry and Johnny. He didn't say anything to them. He just stared at them. It wasn't a shocked stared, it was more of a " I'm gonna kill anything that moves" stare.
After everyone went home at about 11:00 a clock that night, Johnny and Darry went to bed. Darry grabbed Johnny into a snuggle. The last thing that Johnny hear that night was Darry saying:
" Good night, my loves"

Hey guys, thanks for reading. Also, if you like all happy and jolly, I suggest you stop reading this. By the by this was co written by my sister @stay_gold_greenie


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