Chapter Fifteen: Reunited and It Feels So Wrong (Part 2)

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STOP. If you have not read “Chapter 15 [TEASER]”, do NOT continue reading. Go back and read the chapter before this. Or you’ll be very confused! ;)

            “No!” I jolted upright, eyes bulged, breath coming fast.

            I was covered in a sheen of hot, sticky sweat and could feel it trickle down my skin. I glanced around nervously, checking to see if there were any wolves prowling in the corners. Relief filled me when the coast was clear.

            My panting had slowed slightly, but my heart still raced. I was startled when I felt hot tears trail from my eyes and down my cheeks; it splat noisily onto my damp bed sheets. I hugged myself, trying to calm down.

            “It was just a dream. It was just a dream. It was just a dream.” I murmured, rocking back and forth.

            Suddenly, my door burst open.

            “Emma!” Charlie and Ricky shouted simultaneously as they toppled into my room. They wrestled on the ground, trying to claw their way to my bed to be the first to comfort me. Charlie finally made his escape and bounced up.

            “Are you alright, Emmy?” He said, a look of worry in his eyes.

            “Yeah, I’m fine.” I was surprised at how shaky my voice was.

            Charlie pounced on me, giving me a giant hug. I accepted it willingly, giggling. He was just too cute. After a few seconds, he pulled himself up and, now uninterested, left to get ready for school. I got out of bed and stretched, still aware of Ricky in my room.

            “You sure look sexy in the mornings.” He commented as he took me in.

            I scowled at him, not ready for this so early.

            “Look, Ricky. I don’t really have time for this.” I said, quickly making my bed so one of the housemaids wouldn’t have to. I hated being waited on.

            “What were you screaming about?” He asked suddenly. I peeked over at him and his face was solid; no amusement hidden in his chocolate eyes.

            “I just had a bad dream about my parents, that’s all.” I shrugged it off and turned to him, giving him the look that it was time for him to leave. He got up without a fight and slowly made his way to the door.

            “Your scream was really loud, so it must’ve been a pretty terrifying dream.” Ricky murmured.

            “More than you know…” I mouthed, talking to myself. Ricky left silently.

            I robotically put my uniform on and got ready for school. My heart was still thumping hard against my chest. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to stop the slide of images from my dream running in my head.

            Everything had been so real. My parents. Their voices. The morphing. The wolves. The growls. The attack. A shudder ripped through me.

            “Get it together, Emma.” I said harshly. This was not the time to lose it.

            I quickly primped myself, checked my email on my new laptop, and grabbed my bag. Maybe school would keep my mind off things.

            As I approached the kitchen, I heard muffled voices. I could make out Michelle’s high-pitched laugh, Ricky’s guttural chuckle, and another manly titter. I slowly made my way into the room, trying to make my entrance subtle.

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