Chapter 53

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Look at this! I'm updating..AGAIN! Lol. Listen to LET HER GO - PASSENGER when reading this chapter and I guarantee you'll be emotional 😩! I'm on top of my game for tonight, rightttttt 😏?

Gio's pov:
I admired her from the coach in my room as she slept soundlessly on the bed.

I didn't know what it'd take to make her stay. I needed her to stay. After just five months, she had me hooked into her and I didn't want to have to be unhooked from her.

Everything she stood for and I was lucky enough to be the one who got to experience it

She murmurs something in her sleep and turns the other way before letting out a soft sigh.

Even when she was sleeping she was still beautiful. Hair a mess, no makeup on, and features all drained out from the crying she'd been doing. Yet, she was still extremely beautiful.

And I was going to loose her, as much as I wanted to make her stay, which I knew I could do by being selfish and controlling, I wasn't going to. It wasn't right to her for me to do that.

"I need you," I whisper, not knowing weather it's to me or to her.

"God, I'd do anything to make you stay here with me."

"Absolutely anything," I whisper letting my thoughts of her bombard my mind into sleep.

Later that morning:
The room becomes bright with the sun suddenly shining on means I can feel a pair of eyes on me and sit up.

She's dressed in a floral dress and her hairs placed to the side to show her necklace. There was a glow to her and her beauty overtook my senses as it always did.

She sits on the edge of the bed and rests her head on my shoulder like she always did when she wanted to comfort me.

For those few seconds I forgot everything that's going on between us. The fact that she was leaving me left my mind for those few seconds and I held onto them as if my life depended on it.

"Stay with me," I say breaking the silence upon her pulling away.

She closes her eyes and says nothing back in return as I wrap my arms around her. I wanted to savor everything there was about her.

"I love you," I say finally pulling apart.

"And I know that doesn't make everything okay but Diyah I f-cking love you."

"You," I say pointing to her.

"I don't care how long it takes for you to come back to me, whenever you're ready, I'll be there waiting for you," I say kissing her forehead.

"I-I" she's cut off by the door swinging open.

"The moving truck guys are here," comes my fathers stern voice. "Why're they here? Tonya's keeping her stuff here until she gets back," he says standing at the door.

"U-Um, it's actually for me Victor," Diyah says standing up stuttering.

He gives her a confused face and looks between us in utter confusion waiting for someone to fill him in.

"Why do you need moving van?" He asks crossing his arms over his chest.

"Because I'm moving back into my apartment," she says quietly.

My dad looks between us and closes the door before giving me a disappointment look.

I wish he wouldn't have done that, I already felt bad as it was and didn't need him adding onto my guilt.

"I should probably get going," she says softly.


She raises her hands in protest and shakes her head.

"I'm leaving and that's my final decision," she says before walking out the door.

I slump back down on the couch and find my face wet with something hot before the liquidity substance finds its way to my cheeks.


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Me while writing this 😭__

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Me while writing this 😭

Awwww, Gio's crying 😔. See, THIS is why I didn't want to write this chapter, now I'm affected by the whole episode. Ughhhhhh. So what do you guys think? Does he genuinely care and Nadiyah and love her or is it just because she gave him her virginity and took his mind from Kat? Leave what you think in the comments section 😈👏🏼. Update later? Maybe? Yes? No? Maybe so?

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