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Dedicated to the lovely May and beautiful Eman...

August 1965

"Goddamnit Paul!" John yelled at the startled bassist "Stop your fucking whining and accept somebody else's ideas for once!"

"But John..." Paul tried "...I really think it's better if we do it the other way 'round...with the piano part ya know... It really sounds better on this song..."

"No Paul..." John said bending forward towards Paul who was sitting on the piano bench with his bass hanging behind his back " I have to spell it out to ya?...N...O...NOOOOO!!!" he yelled into Paul's face making him wince.

"You don't want to maybe...just... listen...please...?" Paul carefully asked placing his fingers on the piano keys.

"Okay...THAT'S IT!!" John said slamming his hand over his face "I've had enough of this!! I'm off!!" he yelled removing his guitar from his neck and placing it back on its standard.

"Fucking McCartney..." he mumbled while storming out of the studio leaving the other three Beatles behind together with George Martin and Brian Epstein.

"That went well..." George softly said taking off his guitar too and placed it on the standard "...guess we're going back home too then..."

"I think so..." Ringo said standing up from behind his drum kit "...It's getting kinda late, so why not call it a day anyway..." he yawned while stretching his tired body.

"Bye Paul...see ya at home..." George said while putting his coat on and waving at George Martin and Brian Epstein upstairs in the booth. He then quietly left the studio too.

Paul only softly mumbled a goodbye back to George without looking up from his now softly trembling hands he had still resting on the piano keys.

A hand being placed on his shoulder startled him and he slowly lifted his eyes up to see who it was.

"You 'kay there mate?" Ringo asked staring at him with concern in his bright blue eyes.

"...Yeah...sure...ta..." Paul weakly smiled at Ringo, but the tears were burning in his eyes "...I'll catch up with you lads later...see you at home..."

"Ya sure 'bout tha?" Ringo tried again squeezing Paul's tensed shoulder in sympathy.

Paul nodded to Ringo before turning his attention back to the piano.

"Okay...see you back at home then..." Ringo said and then left the studio to George who was waiting for him outside.

Paul stared at his hands while getting lost in his deep thoughts. John was acting so different lately and everything Paul said or did resulted into one argument after another.

John just wasn't himself and Paul had the feeling that something was bothering him, but John apparently didn't want to share his troubles with Paul cause every time Paul tried to talk to him, John told him to piss off.

Paul played a little tune on the piano before saying his goodbyes to George Martin and Brian and leaving for home too.

When Paul arrived at their shared apartment, John had already left for bed, so Paul sat down on the couch and had a few last drinks with George and Ringo before going to sleep too.

In John's and his bedroom, Paul stripped himself down to his boxers and crawled into his bed and stared over to the other bed where John was already deeply asleep.

Paul just lay there listening to John's soft breathing till the sleep finally took him over.

A few days later they were at the beach enjoying a little break between their performances.

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