41 Ways to Kill Someone With a Banana

Start from the beginning

12) Put banana in hood/pocket of victim. Let crazy monkey loose.

13) Hit them so hard on the nose with it, the bone pierces their brain.

14) Jab them in the neck so you break their windpipe.

15) Draw a funny face on it and kill them with laughter.

16) Put peel by cliff and have victim slip and fall off cliff into pile of bananas.

17) Prestigiously place peels on every stair including top stair causing them to trip continuously.

18) Freeze and whack victim on head.

19) Lure Victim into trap by tying a banana to fishing line. Once victim sees banana, they will go to pick it up. You will than yank the string thus causing victim to follow banana into death trap of choice.

20) Stick listening device in core of banana. Place banana by victim using your awesome ninja powers. Listen in on all conversations (hence being a creeper) and find out all weaknesses of victim.

21) Place poisoness spider in peel of banana

22) You can feed them a very large quantity of bananas in a very short period of time. The faster, the better. Increase their potassium levels which is bad for the heart. This may take a lot of bananas.

23) Put old banana peel in a plastic bag and place in the sun for a minimum of 3 hours. This will create toxic fumes.

24) Extract pure potassium out of the banana. "Pure" potassium is a metal that spontaneously forms KOH and hydrogen gas upon contact with atmospheric water, and that will burst into flame if it comes in contact with liquid water (or saliva).

25) Stick gun in huge banana. Shoot Banana gun at victim.

26) Make victim choke on banana.

27) Replace victim's car brakes with banana.

28) Be sure to buy bananas from Brazil. Chances are good that a deadly Banana Spider will be hidden inside.

29) Use banana as boomerang.  Hit victim.

30) Give banana to someone who is Allergic to bananas.

31) Take a stick and string.  Tie one end of the string to the stick and the other to the banana.  beat the crap out of them!

32)  Banana nunchuck.

33) Find someone with post-banana-stress-disorder.  Place banana in front of them.  Once they pass out, kill them with weapon of choice.

34)  Give the banana to Chuck Norris.  He'll do the rest.

35) Fasion banana into whip and whip victim into slavery until they kill themselves.

36) Rub the banana against them so hard (using frictional properties) that both the victim and the banana catch on fire thus killing victim and sadly the banana. But it's a sacrifice we have to make!

37) put stick of dynamite in banana and let string hang out.  When victim is about to eat, ignite string.

38) Insert an overdosed needle of anesthetic (propofol) into banana and feed to victim.

39) Force victim to watch horror movies about bananas causing a phobia of them.  Next force bananas into their mouths causing death by stress (FUN FACT! It is possible to become so stressed that you sweat blood!)


41) Place banana in the middle of a large circle of rope.  Once victim reaches for the banana, they will be dragged into the air by another rope.  You may then leave them there to perish or kill them by other ways of your choice

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