41 Ways to Kill Someone With a Banana

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Alright so why did you click on this story? I mean seriously! You really want to know how to kill someone with a banana? What kind of sick, twisted, mind do you have? Sir, get your mind out of the gutter!!! I mean seriously!

Your spending your precious time reading this? Well than thanks anyway.

So this is you when you saw this book. Either...

A) "OMG! I have to see this! I didn't know you could kill someone with a banana!!!"

B) "Wow...how immature! Someone seriously spent there time coming up with this? I'll look at it just to see how stupid it is..."

C) "Ha! I doubt she knows what she's talking about! I am a true ninja and already know these things so why would she do this. I will click on it just to see how much he knows."

D) "OMG!!! I want to be a ninja! I must learn the ways of the shadows (bong)"

E) "I love bananas!! Don't use the banana for evil!!!! :("

F) A banana? Wow! What has this world come to?

G) Oh my God...what is happening....bananas....I...MUST...READ!

Oh and remember not all of these ways are completely deadly. This is meant for entertainment purposes only. If you enjoyed but think you have more knowledge than I in the art of tiquanana (art of killing with bananas) please teach me your ways.

Let's begin young padawan.

1) shove down throat

2) sharpen tip than freeze over night than continuously stab victim.

3) Shove up nose of victim.

4) Take off the banana peel. Let victim slip and hit head.

5) Drop banana on them from top of empire state building.

6) Slap victim with peel REALLY REALLY HARD!!!

7) Slap victim with banana REALLY REALLY HARD!!!!

8) Grow banana tree than cut it down and let it fall on victim.

9) Stab in eye REALLY REALLY HARD thus causing blindness. Than lead blind victim in middle of street unbeknownst to them. Let car hit them.

10) Poison banana. Feed to victim.

11) Stick a very sharp needle in Banana. When eaten by victim, needle will pierce victim's mouth and or throat thus killing victim

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