7. Date Night

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Camila's P.O.V

My alarm goes off waking me up, I reach over to my phone and shut it off. I look at the time, '11:30 a.m.'. I groan and look over at my beautiful girlfriend making me smile. I kiss her forehead then carefully get out of bed trying not to wake her. I walk to the bathroom and do my business. After I'm done I brush my teeth and fix my hair by putting it up in a messy bun, I walk downstairs to the kitchen.

I grab some eggs out from the fridge and turn on the stove. I crack some in a bowl and whisk them then grab a pan putting it on the stove. I turn on the radio and pour the eggs in the pan, I stir it until it starts clumping. I feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist.

"Good morning baby." Y/N whispered in my ear then kissed my neck.

"Good morning cutie." I said while turning off the stove and turning around to face her. I smiled while she rested her hands on my ass but I smacked them away and grab her ass making her squeal.

"Stop squealing like a pig." I said and brought one hand up to caress her cheek while I giggled.

"Are those eggs for me?" Y/N asked looking above my shoulder.

"Yeah, but I was gonna make you a whole breakfast." I said while serving her eggs on a plate then handing it to her. She grabbed her plate and I sat down at the table.

"Come here." I said while patting my lap, she smile then walk over and sat face to face on my lap. I started to eat the eggs since Y/N didn't eat them she giggled and pecked my lips. I pick her up and walk to our room. I feel her legs wrap around my waist and buried her head in my neck. We hear a door open and I look over at Lauren's door, she stands at the doorway wearing a 1975 shirt with a small pair of shorts.

"What the fuck? What are you guys doing?" Lauren asked while Dinah starts taking photos, I smile and pose for the camera. It's really hard to pose while holding someone.

"Aw, baby Mila is all grown up!" Dinah squealed.

"Why are you carrying Y/N?" Lauren asked.

"Because I'm an awesome girlfriend." I said proudly and Lauren rolled her eyes. I set Y/N on the floor.

"I'm gonna shower, babe." Y/N said and walked to Lauren's bathroom. I smiled and went to my bathroom. I turn on the shower and start stripping of my clothes, I feel the water before stepping in. I relax as the water hits my skin.

10 minutes later

I open the glass door and the coldness hits my skin. I shiver and reach for my towel. I quickly wrap myself and tiptoe to my room. I closed my door then walk to my closet grabbing a pair of shorts and a shirt. I grab some panties from my drawer and get changed. Once I'm done I crawl on my bed wrapping myself in my blanket.

"Baby, I'm coming in." Y/N said while opening the door. She smiles and lays down next to me. I pull her closer to my body then turn on the TV. We watch SpongeBob until I hear the front door open.

"KAKI!!!" Sofia screamed. I sat up and ran to my mirror to fix my hair.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" I mutter under my breath, Y/N chuckles then get up off the bed.

"Baby, you look beautiful." Y/N says then grabs my hand leading me out the room to the living room. I see my sister standing with my parents while the girls are saying hi. I gulp and let go of Y/N's hand.

"Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad!" I said while hugging both my parents.

"Hola mija! How are you doing?" My mom asked.

"I'm good!" I said and hugged Sofi, I kissed her cheek.

"Mom, dad. I want you to meet someone!" I said happily and motioned for Y/N to come, she smiles and walked over to us. I wrap my arm around her waist and the girls gave me a thumbs up

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