[10] Lucy and Sleepovers

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Adrianna hummed an old tune she had heard somewhere as she set the table. After their discussion, Stephen had left to go to his best friend's house and Adrianna was left home alone. But she didn't mind. She had sketched a logo for her company. It was only a rough draft and Adrianna still hasn't finalized any of the details but still, she felt that she was one step closer to starting her company.

Afterwards, she had made some dinner. Nothing fancy but it was surely an upgrade from all the fast food Stephen ordered on a daily basis. Adrianna had figured out that Stephen ordered all his meals from restaurants when she saw all the numbers of restaurants on his refrigerator. Since Stephen was letting her stay with him and helping her get her revenge, she could at least take care of him. She was excited to tell Stephen about her logo and her ideas as they ate dinner.

The house phone rang from the living room. Adrianna hesitated picking up the phone. Stephen never told her if she should pick up the phone or not if someone called. It could be anyone. Adrianna's heart started beating faster as she thought about the possibility that Michael and Eleanor had found her and were calling to check. But then again, it could also be Stephen.

The phone stopped ringing.

Adrianna let out a sigh or relief.

The phone started ringing again.

Stop it! Adrianna mentally scolded herself. You didn't run away just to be a coward! You ran away to prove to the Montclairs that they can't control you. With that in mind, Adrianna picked up the phone.

"Adrianna?" Stephen's voice came through the phone. He sounded like he was talking softly but Adrianna didn't pay any heed to it.

"Yeah?" She replied, feeling more relaxed than before.

"I'm going to be late today. I'll be eating outside, so please don't make any dinner for me."

For some unknown reason, Adrianna felt disappointed. "Okay. Would you like me to wait up for you?" She asked.

"... Dinner's ready." Adrianna heard a female voice in the background.

"I'll be right there, Lucy." She heard Stephen say. Turning back to their conversation, he said "No, it's okay. I might be late coming back or I might stay the night here. You won't have a problem staying alone tonight, would you?"

For a moment, Adrianna considered telling Stephen that she was afraid to stay in the penthouse alone; telling him about her fears that the Montclairs would find her and take her away again back to her prison. But then she remembered that Stephen was only helping her and she didn't want to seem dependent on him. If he had other priorities, then, Adrianna shouldn't hold him back.

"No, it's alright. I can manage one night alone. Don't worry. Enjoy your night." Adrianna rushed to finish her statement.

"Are you sure? I could always come back early?"

"No, it's alright. I have to go, I left my dinner on the stove. Good night." Adrianna quickly shut the phone call. She didn't know why she felt hurt. Just because Stephen listened to her talking and helped her didn't mean he belonged to her. Besides, she didn't believe in love. After what Marcus did to her, she had sworn off all men.

Although Adrianna hadn't lied to Stephen. She had truly left her dinner on the stove. She didn't want Stephen's apartment to burn down. She quickly finished up making her dinner and shut the stove. Adrianna didn't feel like eating. Maybe it was because she was used to not eating every other day when Eleanor decided to punish her for something she didn't do. Or maybe it was disappointment... disappointment that Stephen was with another girl, Lucy, rather than here. She enjoyed their conversations even if they were only a few. Stephen was one of a few who actually listened to her and probably the only one who advised her instead of commanding her to do whatever he wanted. Adrianna believed it was the former, though.

Not wanting to eat, she covered the pot and was walking to her room when the doorbell rang. Again, Adrianna hesitated. No. Adrianna scolded her inner voice that was warning her not to open the door. Stephen had security around the building. So, logically, there was nothing to be afraid of. But, unfortunately, her heart and inner voice didn't abide by logic. With less hesitation than before, Adrianna checked the peephole to see who was on the other side. Green eyes stared back at her.

Adrianna opened the door to let Caroline in.

"A little birdie told me that you were going to be home alone. So I thought why not have a sleepover? I brought movies. Stephen probably has blankets in his closet and obviously a TV. We can order snacks and ice cream and pig out on Stephen's couch all night." Caroline rambled on as she walked into the door, not even saying hello.

"This little birdie wouldn't happen to be your brother, would it?" Adrianna asked, a small smile on her face.

"Maybe..." Caroline said slyly. "But forget that. I'm here to enjoy, not to talk about Stephen. All men are stupid anyways."

Adrianna couldn't help but agree with that in her mind. "Caroline, you don't have to be stuck here with me if you don't want to. Nothing is going to happen to me if I stay home alone."

"Nonsense. I want to be here. You're my friend, only friend at the moment." Caroline said, sighing towards the end.

Adrianna didn't know what to say. She never really had anyone tell her that. So she didn't respond. Instead she asked, "What happened, Caroline? I've known you for a day and even I know that you are always happy. Why are you sad today?"

Caroline sighed, this time tears filled her eyes. She wiped them before they fell. "I'll tell you as soon as we set up for our sleepover. It's a long story."


Another update! I was in a good mood and I was bored so I ended up writing another chapter. Thank you to everyone who voted, commented, and added this story to their library. I might post another update in the up coming weeks if I find enough time.  

I know Adrianna might seem a little annoying in this chapter because she kept hesitating. I felt a little annoyed with her too but, thinking about it, she ran away from an abusive, rich family that has a lot of influence. So I can't really blame her for being hesitant.

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