New Home

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“And this is my room.” Selena announced as she pulled Mud into her room. Mud’s mouth was opened at the blue walls with a wooden something on the side, two doors, another wooden thing at the back and something big and white and when Mud touched it it was so soft that Mud put her face in it. “What is this?”

“This is called my bed; I sleep on it. This is my dresser, which holds my clothes, and my desk, and this door is to my bathroom and this door is to my closet.” Selena said as she pointed to the wooden objects and then opened the two doors. Mud looked inside her closet first, which was a walk in, feeling the different piece of items that Mud recognized most of what she saw people wearing. “You have a lot of clothes.”

Selena smiled and shrugged. She was a big shopper and Mud has not even seen all the jeans and skirts in her dresser. Mud went to the bathroom next, pointing at the weird looking thing. “What’s this?”

“Now this is a shower.” Selena walked over and turned it on so Mud can see the water fall out. Mud gasped and began jumping up and down. “A shower. A shower.” Mud turned her head and stopped, her smile left her face. She stared at the strange red hair girl with violet eyes, never seeing her before. The girl looked back with a confused expression and slowly Mud lifted her hand to slowly touch her face. The girl mimicked her. “That’s you Mud.” Selena spoke softly, coming to stand next to Mud. Mud looked at Selena in the strange looking glass. “This is a mirror. It shows you who you look like.” Mud continued touching her face.

“This is what I look like?” Selena nodded. “You’re very pretty Mud.”

Mud smiled, “you’re pretty too Selena.”

“Say cheese.” Mud turned as a boy with short brown hair holding up something strange to Mud. He put it down and smiled. “Thank you.”

Selena glared, “what do you want Tyler?”

“Yeah nice to see ya too Selena.” Tyler rolled his eyes and saved the picture he took of the girl whom they called Mud with his camera. “Why are you taking a picture of Mud?”

“Alpha orders. It’s to make posters to send to each pack to see if anyone can recognize her.” So Seth was already working on finding her family? “Who are you?” Mud asked.

“My name’s Tyler, Beta of this pack and Seth’s best friend and Selena’s worse nightmare.” Selena rolled her eyes at this while Mud stared between the two confused before crouching down in protective mode. “You are a danger to Selena?” She growled.

Tyler stared, feeling scared and unsure what to do, as Selena had a smug look on her face before she told Mud to calm down. “Don’t worry Mud, Tyler just acts like another brother to me and so we play around a lot.” Mud got out of her defense mode and smiled. “Hello Tyler, I’m Mud.”

Smiling, Tyler nodded, “no hard feelings. Now if you excuse me I have to go find Connie. I know she wants to meet Mud here.” With that he left. Mud turned to Selena. “Connie?”

“That’s Tyler’s mate. She’s a really nice and is very childish so I think you two will get along fine. Now let’s show you to your room.” Selena grabbed Mud’s hand and dragged her out of her room and down the hall to the end and entered through a door. “This will be your room for now. We can change it later if you don’t like it. We will go shopping tomorrow for some clothes for you.” Selena said but Mud was not listening as she looked at the white walls, the bed with red on them and Mud went down on all fours to feel the carpet.

“I love it.” Mud whispered, running to the bed and jumping on it. She loved the feeling and wanted to go to bed right then and there when Selena brought her out of her thoughts. “Glad you like it. Tonight we are going to go shopping and tomorrow night we will have a pack dinner to welcome you in.” Just hearing the word dinner had Mud’s stomach rumbling.

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