Chapter 26- Horse Racing

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Melody's POV

I get out of the car and look at the house in front of me, its big but it gives off a kind of 'ancient castle' vibe. Is this an old couple? This is a lot of space for just three people.

"Ody, let's go." Jonathan says, walking towards the house with my mom. I jog to catch up with them. We walk up the stairs of the entrance and ring the bell. It feels so wrong to ring a bell in this place, there needs to be one of those huge metal circle knocking devices that hang on the door.

The door swings open revealing an adorable little Chinese lady with short curly, graying hair and a soft blue kimono that is decorated with pink flowers stands in the doorway with a welcoming smile, she looks around sixty, "Hello! Welcome, welcome, come in." She moves to the side and let's us pass then she closes the door behind us.

"So glad you could come, Maria." she says to my mom and then looks at my brother and I, "and who are these lovely children?" she asks.

"I'm Melody and this is my brother Jonathan." I say with a smile. She brings us into a hug and then steps back, "My name is Ting Tong." She states as she places her hands together and bows.

"Bobo! Our guests are here!" she screams and then smiles. An old white man with light hair walks into the room with a frown, "What did you say, I didn't hear you?" he asks and when he sees us, he smiles, "Ah, Maria! You came!" he says and pulls my mom into a hug.

She chuckles, "Bobo, nice to see you again, these are me children; Melody and Jonathan." my mom says, turning to look at us. He pulls is both into a hug. These people are really welcoming, just hugging strangers.

"My son is just gone to the store, he is around your guys age, he'll be back soon. Would you like anything to drink or eat?" Ting Tong asks with a smile.

I feel bad if I eat something at someone else's house unless they eating with me. "No thanks." I say. "Come on, I made you cupcakes, my son hasn't stopped eating them after he and his girlfriend broke up." Ting Tong says with a shrug.

Bobo leaves to go watch horse racing on the T.V in the lounge. I follow Ting Tong to the kitchen with Jonathan behind me. My mom has already gone upstairs to put her bags down.

We walk into the kitchen that looks so nice and warm, this place would be so great in winter because it is so homey.

Ting Tong bends over, leaning a hand on her back, and pulls a cupcake tray out of the oven. She picks up two cupcakes and hands it to us, my one is a vanilla cupcake with white icing and Jonathan's is vanilla as well except his is chocolate icing.

"So, what school do you go to?" Ting Tong asks. I bite into the cupcake and let Jonathan answer first. Oh my god, this cupcake is delicious! Its sponge cake and it almost feels like its melting in my mouth. This would be a good definition as to what heaven tastes like.

"I go to Nullever high, in the north." Jonathan says and bites into his cupcake. I finish chewing, "I go to Killeville high." I state.

"Oh, my son goes to that school!" she explains and smiles. "Really, what's his name?" I ask with a frown.

"Mom, I'm back!" A deep voice shouts from somewhere in the house. "Ah, why dont you go see if you know him, he's probably going up to his room now.

I nod and throw the cupcake wrapper in the bin then start walking upstairs. Please be cute. Please be cute. Please be cute. I cross my fingers as I get up the stairs and look around.

There are five door's that are all identical, I go to the first room but its empty. I knock on the next door, "Come in!" Ting Tong's son shouts and I push the door open.

This voice sounds oddly familiar...

When I walk in, he is facing the other way and he is shirtless but he turns around as the door opens.

Well, he is definitely cute.

"Melody?" he says with a frown, slipping his shirt on over his head.

"Tyson." I whisper, suddenly out of breath.


Well, im sure you guys all saw that one coming ;) thanks for reading xxx see you soon <3

By the way, about the Ting Tong in a kimono, it's a joke, please don't take it seriously. See, there is a show called little Britain where there is a transgender lady that is named Ting Tong and she's not even Japanese but she wore a kimono so I'm not trying to offend anyone and sorry if I did :P xxx

Lots of love and jelly tots- TPG

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