Chapter 21

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Em woke up with a jump, her chest constricted, breaths shallow. Her arms flung blindly, pulling at her bag, trying to get her inhaler out from the side pocket.

Shake it, quick, her brain screamed at her, but she fumbled with her shaking hands, and with a puff of her inhaler, she felt the familiar bitter taste of the medicine go down her airway.

Things didn't die down until her third puff, ten minutes later.


Today was the day.

Yuzuru would be performing at a children's ice show in a rink in the neighbouring town. Nam had made arrangements, and they would head there together by bus later on.

Right now, all Em needed to do was to rest, and make sure her body doesn't screw her up on such a day.

Thoughts swirled inevitably in her mind even as she lay on her warm bed, only moonlight shining through her window.

What if it happens just like how it did in the dream?

She didn't know what to say. She was scared, she was excited, but most importantly, she really hoped Yuzuru could forgive her.

Go back to sleep, you gumbie.



"Why wouldn't I be? I mean, I'm great!" Em eased her sling bag over her other shoulder. Man, those skates were heavy.

"Do you need help with that?" Nam asked almost mockingly.

"N-no. Thanks though."

"Stop lying. Your arms are shaking. Here," in a swift motion, Nam had swept her heavy sling bag off her shoulder, and passed her the other package instead.

"What are these?"

"The flowers. Go pick the one you like, you'll need it later. You remember everything right?"

The bus pulled into the station, and they queued along with everyone else.

"Um, kind of. Are you sure about this?"

"Definitely. Trust me. I'm his best friend!"

Nam chose a seat in front of Em during the bus ride, and throughout the 40-minute journey, she couldn't help staring at him as he gazed out the window, earpieces plugged in.

He's really a good friend.

She tried not to think about the events that would take place later on, for fear that it might end up just like how it did in her dream.


It was a plea and a prayer to whatever God up there.

The next thing she knew, a warm hand was shaking her shoulder.

"Wake up, Coleslaw, we're getting off."


"Get up, let's go," Nam urged, tugging at her sleeve.

She groggily followed him out of the bus, clutching the package of flowers.

"Did you just call me coleslaw?"

"You fell asleep."

"No, did you seriously just call me a coleslaw?"

"You fell asleep."

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