Chapter One

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Chapter One:

"No, Danielle." Louis said, for the millionth time tonight.

"Please Louis, it'll be for three nights," Danielle begged, "And I'll make it worth while, when I get back." She said, in a seductive tone.

Louis smirked, "Fine, since you said that."

Danielle squealed and kissed Louis' lips, and ran over to her closet, where she grabbed a suitcase.

"I'm so excited for this trip, it goes on my CV, which is very important being I'm trying to get a job." Danielle informed Louis.

"You, unlike me, got offered this. I would be went if I was offered." Louis said, pressing his lips together.

"Harry's not a hassle at all, he's quiet and goes to some club on Saturday and Sunday morning. He'll be gone until 3 o'clock." Danielle said.

Louis nodded slowly, "So why can't he look after himself? Isn't he like, 16?" He questioned.

Danielle frowned at Louis.

"You know what's wrong with him. I can't stand the thought of leaving him alone, especially what happened last time." Danielle sighed heavily.

"Where are your parents this time?" Louis asked. Danielle rolled her eyes, stuffing a top into the suitcase.

"Same old, same old," She said, "You know what they're like, they'd do anything to not be with us."

Louis sat on the edge of Danielle's bed and watched as she packed her suitcase of clothes.

"Three days is going to go by so slow..." Louis said, in a suggestive tone. He walked behind her and put his arms around her waist, kissing her cheek softly.

Danielle giggled and blushed. She turned and wrapped her arms around Louis' neck, leaning up and kissing him.

"They'll go by as quick as ever, and I'll owe everything back to you." Danielle winked.

Later on, around half five, Danielle was standing on the driveway, with Louis, who was sitting on the porch steps.

"I'm so excited!" She smiled brightly, tightening the jacket, which was wrapped around her waist.

"Well I'm not looking forward for going three days without my wonderful girlfriend." Louis admitted.

Danielle smiled and looked down the road, and back at her watch.

"Harry!" She shouted, "Where have you been?!" Danielle exclaimed.

Harry strolled onto the drive, ignoring Danielle's shouts.

"I've been around Dylan's, I was helping him go over his lines for his drama audition." Harry said, in an almost quiet tone.

"Whatever," Danielle said, "Louis will be looking after you when I'm gone." She informed Harry.

Louis smiled at Harry, an obvious fake smile. Harry just gave him a small smile, fake as well.

There was a honk of a car horn which caught everyone's attention.

Louis stood up, brushing nothing off of his beige three-quaters. He walked over to Danielle, and kissed her cheek before pulling her into a tight hug.

"Come on Danielle! It's only going to be three days!" Danielle's friend, Katy, shouted from the car.

Danielle rolled her eyes, and the couple shared multiple kisses. Danielle said goodbye to Louis and Harry, before grabbing her suitcase and heading to the car.

She waved as the car drove down the street, and of course, Louis waved back. When the car was out of sight, Louis turned to Harry, who was walking into the house.

Louis sighed, muttering under his breath, before walking in behind Harry.

"So, what do you want for dinner?" Louis asked Harry. He set work stuff down on the table before Harry shrugged his shoulders.

"I'm not bothered." He replied, quietly. Louis pulled a face.

"Well, I have to go home and get a few things if I'm going to be staying here... Should I get a McDonalds for us?" Louis asked.

"Um..." Harry thought, "Yes please, if that's okay." He gave Louis a small smile.

Louis nodded, sitting on the bottom stair, pulling his shoes on, and tying his laces.

"Coming on a walk?" Louis asked, hoping he'd say yes, so he could get Harry out of the house, and find out at least something about him, so it wouldn't be awkward for three days.

"No thanks," Harry said, "I have revision to do, for a test on Monday." He spoke, still in a quiet, timid tone.

"Oh okay, I'll be back in ten minutes, okay." Louis said. Harry just nodded and Louis shut the door.

After Louis went home, explained to his mother why he won't be back for a few days, and collected a few things such as clothes, toothbrush, e.t.c, he headed to McDonalds.

He had completely forgot to ask Harry what he wanted, so he had to do a quick guess on what he might like.

Louis ended up choosing nuggets, with chips and a strawberry milkshake for Harry. And he chose a burger, chips and coca cola for himself.

By the time he had got back to Danielle's house, it was half six. He was gone around fifteen minutes, since his house wasn't very far from Danielle's and there was a local McDonalds.

Louis made sure he locked the car door, before walking into Danielle's and Harry's house.

"Harry!" Louis shouted, slipping off his shoes, and putting his backpack down on the floor.

Harry came walking down the stairs, seconds later.

"I got you chicken nuggets and a milkshake, is that okay?" Louis asked. A huge smile spread across Harry's face and he nodded.

"It's fine, thank you for this." Harry said, taking the bag as Louis handed it to him.

"You wanna watch a movie or something on TV?" Louis asked, grabbing the TV remote and sitting on the sofa.

"No... Sorry," Harry apologised, "I still got to revise for the test." Harry said.

Louis frowned, "You have a good amount of days to revise, and you're already smart. Take some time off."

Harry pressed his lips in response and sat back down at the table and continued with the work. Louis flicked through the channels and started watching American Pie, which was on TV.

After Louis ate his dinner, he quickly cleaned up and so did Harry. Louis laid down on the sofa at eight o'clock, texting Danielle, who just reached her destination.

Louis ended up falling asleep on the sofa, unaware of the fact he had. Danielle said goodnight early since she was so tired, from travelling all day.

Later on, around nine o'clock, Harry had finished up revising. He stood up and put all of his stuff in his backpack and put the backpack on the back of the chair.

He locked the front door, and made his way over to the living room. Louis was fast asleep on the sofa.

Harry couldn't help but stop and stare at how cute Louis was. His mouth was slightly agape, and soft snores were escaping his lips.

Harry rushed upstairs and grabbed a few blankets from the airing cupboard, before going back downstairs. He carefully put the blankets over Louis, making sure not to wake him up.

Harry smiled softly at the beautiful sight in front of him. He turned off the TV, and started heading upstairs to go to sleep.

Harry found Louis really cute, but he knew it was wrong to think of Louis like that...

However, the two of the boys didn't know what was going to happen in these few days.

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