Once upon a time, there was a majestic King, who lived with his noble brother and beautiful sister in a colourful kingdom where music and art were celebrated, in this kingdom they came across an adored Queen and a dashing Prince, together they became a family.

The King did not foresee having a child, as his Queen had not been blessed with the gift of childbearing, but it didn't matter as they loved each other more than life itself.

After a time the king, his noble brother and beautiful sister had to flee the kingdom, due to a horrible tyrant, leaving the Queen and Prince heartbroken.

In time the King met another Empress, and together they were blessed with a child, the King his siblings and the Empress returned to the colourful Kingdom and reunited with the Queen and Prince.

Although the King and Empress did not love one another they did what was best for their unborn child and soon they were blessed with a beautiful baby daughter for whom they wished only peace and happiness.

Still, the King had demons that pursued him. There was a ruthless beast who wanted to take the kingdom for her own. Armed with a pack of untamed creatures, she drove the other magical beings from the land. And there was a wicked sorceress with enchanted stones that weakened the king on every full moon.

Seeing the shadow his enemies cast upon his home, the king was driven to send his beloved princess away along with the Queen who he still so loved very much, convincing all who remained that they were forever lost.

The King then shut himself away, hoping that one day he could bring his Princess and Queen home.


A/N So I changed Rebekah's speech a bit because its Lucille telling the story.

So this is the prologue to Queen of the Shadows sequel to Queen of the Quarter.


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