Tamara's POV: 

I was really eager for Ryder to come back. He was going to come to my place after the meeting with his mom. 

Currently, I was going through some patients' case files. Turns out, Ryder was one of those patients. His case file showed that he was doing pretty well. However, he still had to go through some sessions of chemo therapy. 

This made me wonder if Ryder was still able to earn enough money to take care of his Hospital needs. He seriously should reconsider the fact that I'm ready and willing to help him with his bills. 

The doorbell rang, snapping me out of my thoughts and indicating that Ryder was here. I swung my legs over the couch, smoothed the fabric of my shorts and ran up to the door, eager to finally meet him. 

As I opened the door, he looked up and met my eyes with his. Immediately, his tense face split into a gorgeous dimpled smile. 

I moved to the side to let him in and asked,"Hey, how did the meeting go?" 

He slumped onto the couch where I was sitting previously and sighed,"Don't remind me about it." 

I smiled at his stubbornness. He was still unwilling to forgive his mother. Ryder was still an adorable kid in the body of a 22 year old. 

"Well, I believe that she wasn't terrible like before, right?" I asked him as I sat next to him and swung my legs, placing them over his lap. 

He started stroking my half bare legs with his warm and calloused hands. His caress felt as if feathers were gliding over my skin. I sighed in peace and closed my eyes with a smile on my lips. 

"Do we really have to talk about my mother right now?" He asked with an exasperated tone.

I chuckled,"No." I sat upright and folded my legs Indian style.

Ryder was looking through the papers lying on my coffee table. He took his case file in his hands and his eyebrows seemed to furrow.

"You're doing really well." I said softly to him. 

He just nodded his head. 

"Ry, do you need some help with money? I really don't mind. I mean, if you're hesitating to ask me, then don't. You just have to..." I rambled, but Ryder cut me off.

"Tam, you've already done so much for me. You're the reason why I'm responding well to my treatment. I already owe you my life. And if you continue to help me with everything, I don't think I'll have anything left to give you back. I won't have anything to repay to you." His words were sincere and they touched the bottom of my heart. 

"Ry, you don't have to give me anything in return. I don't expect anything back. Just live for me. Fight your cancer. That's all I want. If you think that you can repay me, then every time you breathe, you repay me. Every time you smile, you repay me. Every time you hold my hand, you repay me. Every time you touch me, you repay me. Every time you kiss me..." Before I could finish, Ryder crashed his lips to mine. 

His lips were soft and warm. His lip ring sent tingles through my skin. Digging his fingers into the flesh of my waist, he pulled me into his lap. My legs were on either side of his lean waist as I wrapped them around his body.

 He placed a hand at the base of my neck, guiding my head so that my lips were level with his.

 I moved my hands from the hem of his tee shirt to the underside of it, so that my palms were gliding across the smooth skin of his torso. I felt and caressed the hard and ripped contours of his warm skin. He groaned and the sound reverberated through my body, sending ripples of pleasure through my skin. His hold tightened around my waist and his warm, rough hands glided across the skin of my half bare legs. 

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