Chapter 11

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Drew was lying on his bed looking at his ceiling with a blank look. After a while, he could no longer handle his bleak thoughts on his own so he went to the only person he knew could make him feel better.

When he got to his mother's bedroom door, he knocked as usual out of courtesy and received permission to go in. He went in to meet his mother seated at her dressing table and brushing her hair. Unconsciously he glided toward her and stood behind her holding a hand out for her brush and started to brush it. His mother must have sensed his mood because she didn't say anything, instead she just watched him through the mirror.

"Ciara finally made up her mind and told me her decision today." He said and paused to brush out a tangle.

"What did she say? I hope she hasn't decided to stay blind?" His mother asked, her once peaceful face turning anxious.

"She decided to be turned," He replied even as his mother sighed in obvious relief. "But she wants me to be her sire?"

"Really?!" His mother was obviously surprised."Have you decided if you'll do it?"

"I don't think I want to."He said quietly as he finished brushing her hair.

"Why not? Doesn't she fill your quota of people you can sire? Is there something you don't like about her?" His mother asked anxiously even as she watched his face carefully through the mirror.

Drew sighed, "It's not that at all, I just..."

He sighed again and his mother stood up, worry evident on her face. "Sit down, Andrew and relax. Let me give you a massage since you're so tense."

She started massaging his shoulders which were stiff with tension and with a sigh, Drew relaxed. "Now tell me why you don't want to turn Ciara?"

"It's not because I don't like her or there's anything wrong with her, it's just that...well we kind of share the ilk bond and her blood tempts me so badly. What if I can't stop when I should?" Drew asked looking into the mirror to meet his mother's eyes.

"Drew, you have more control than that." And when he snorted, she said, "Besides, Alex and I will be there in the temple with both of you, we'll stop you if you can't stop yourself."

When he nodded and remained quiet, his mother held his hand and pulled him off her dressing chair to sit on her bed. "There's something you aren't telling me so spill your guts now."

"Should I?" Drew tried to joke as he pretended to retch but his mother gave him a flat look.

"I'm just worried about how she'll feel about me when she sees my past." Drew finally said what had really being bothering him.

When his mother stared at him skeptically, he explained, "She will have access to all my early memories, she'll see how I was born not as a prince but as an unwanted child of a drug addict/seller with one of his many junkie girl friends. She'll see how I joined the Black hand gang, the many things I was forced to do and all my secrets."

His mother enveloped him in a tight bear hug. "Son you're forgetting that she'll also see how you saved me during the period when I was vulnerable even at the cost of your own life. She'll also see how you did many honorable things to redeem yourself and how you eventually earned the position you hold in the coven."

"But what if she becomes afraid of me, abhors me or doesn't want to see me." Drew asked.

"Wait a moment...this has never really mattered to you before. You've sired more than ten people in this coven so why are you so concerned...except you like Ciara." His mother deduced immediately.

Drew groaned and removed his hands from hers. "I don't like her...ok I do, but..."

"That's fine." His mother beamed at him and he could see the matchmaking gears shifting in her head.

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