Chapter 54

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As we drove from my house to Matt’s, I was actually terrified. I had always overthought things anyway, but I was starting to freak out in case someone had actually seen me get out of his car.

I knew it was dark, but my neighbours were too nosey for their own good.

“Relax” Matt smirked as we sped up around the corner – he was obviously trying to get back to his apartment faster.

“What are we actually going to do when we get back to your place?” I asked him casually, although he seemed to take it in another way.

“I don’t think we should be doing that yet” he chuckled, before looking over to me and raising his eyebrows flirtatiously.

“Whoa, Matt” I laughed nervously. “I never even insinuated!”

He laughed again, as I felt myself deepen in shades of red. “Stop it” I whined childishly as he continued.

We sat in silence for a few moments, before Matt finally decided that he would speak again. “Well, I told you. We’re watching the exorcist.”

“No.” I cut off. “Absolutely not.”

“Why?” he taunted. “You love horror films.”

I rolled my eyes and began to stare out of the window as we drove to his apartment – which wasn’t much further. I had made sure to bring pyjamas that revealed hardly any skin.

 It was almost winter anyway, so it was cold in the first place, but I was still extremely self-conscious around Matt. I didn’t really know why though, I mean, it wasn’t as though I had never slept in the same bed as him.

“You hungry?” he asked me caringly. “I mean, after shit began to happen you didn’t eat a thing! If only I could have seen your face properly!”

And as he said that, I laughed. But it soon dampened. He had reminded me of an earlier remark that had hit me slightly. But, me being me, I pushed it aside like it was nothing.

“I am starving, actually” I said, remembering to answer him.

“Well, I guess we could always order pizza or something” he told me. “I can’t be bothered to cook. Effort.”

“Well that’s nice, Matt” I giggled. “Very classy.”

“You like pizza.”

“So?” He didn’t reply, but instead he looked at me and rolled his eyes back playfully.

“Stop complaining.”

Just being in his presence made me feel so much at ease – and when we were in the car, in the dark, I didn’t really worry about people seeing us. And I knew that, for the rest of the night, I’d be able to relax.

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