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Jimin's Parents and more
"Eomma... Appa..." Jimin stood their, staring at the older couple with a single tear rolling down his cheek.

Rage built inside Yoongi. These were the people who abandoned Jimin.

Yoongi pulled Jimin away from the door and with anger, started speaking to them, "You guys are Jimin's parents? Well I don't want your mother fucking cookies. You fucking abandoners!"

Even though that phrase sound as stupid as hell, Jimin didn't laugh. He felt to upset to laugh.

Mrs. Park spoke up, "So... I see you're the person who decided to help our Jimin."

"You can't even say "our" Jimin anymore. You left him to pretty much die." Yoongi said.

"He deserved it." Mr. Park replied.

That made Yoongi curious, he looked back at Jimin who was sitting on the couch, covering his eyes trying not to cry.

"Why?" Yoongi asked when he looked back.

"He's the one who kept sneaking out to meet his friends. He's the one who kept getting bad grades. He's the one who kept on slacking with every type of work he was given." Mr. Park explained.

"First of all, that isn't the Jimin I know. Second of all, he sure isn't like that anymore. Third of all, is that all? Is that he only reason to abandon him?" Yoongi said.

"What other reason could their be?" Mrs. Park asked.

"Maybe like, he was a murderer or something but that's nothing." Yoongi paused, "By the way, he's my boyfriend and we are going to create a family in the future so don't expect to see us ever again." Yoongi then shut the door on them, "Damn, I really wanted those cookies."

"Thanks hyung..." Jimin sighed.

Yoongi sat next to Jimin and snuggled close to him, "Don't worry about it, you're mine now." He smirked.

Jimin laid down with his head on Yoongi's lap.

"I love you."

"I love you too, Hyung."

The next week, Jimin and Yoongi went to school with smiles on their faces.

And why was that?

Let's just say, now Jimin had a ring on his index finger which wasn't a Catholic ring.

"Hey engaged couple." Hoseok teased.

"I wanna hear how this happened." Taehyung wrapped an arm around Hoseok, looking at them.

"Isn't this kind of quick...?" Jin mumbled, but it's yoonmin so they're bound to be together.

Jungkook wasn't there since he was in his high school at the moment.

"Tell us how this happened." Namjoon said.

Yoongi and Jimin looked at each other,
"It's not like it's a grand story." Jimin said.

"Just tell us." Hoseok exclaimed.

Flashback to the day before~

It was 10 in the morning at an amusement park.

"Hyung! I don't want to go on the rollercoaster!" Jimin shouted, trying to pull away from Yoongi.

Yoongi had Jimin tightly in his grasp, "You're coming with me!"

Jimin glared, "No. Go on by your self."

Yoongi's plan was ruined if Jimin didn't go on with him. "Just come on. It'll be the only time we have to go. Please, for me." Yoongi attempted to do a type of puppy face.

Jimin rolled his eyes and loosened up. That's also when Yoongi loosened up.

"Ha! Sucker!" Jimin ran off and went to go hide.

Yoongi spent almost the whole day trying to find Jimin.

Around before dusk, he finally found Jimin.

When he did, he dragged him back to the rollercoaster which was about to close.

"It's almost dark, hyung. Are you crazy??" Jimin shivered out of fear.

Yoongi shook his head, "It's normal to ride in the dark."

So Jimin agreed and they got onto the roller coaster.

At the drop down, right before the rollercoaster went down. Yoongi got Jimin's attention and pulled out a box, "Jimin, will you marry me?"

"Are you crazy?! We're on a rollercoaster!" Jimin shouted, "But yeah!"

Yoongi smiled and took out the ring to put it on Jimin's ring. But that's when the drop down happened. And the ring even fell too.

At the end of the rollercoaster, Yoongi searched frantically for the ring.

"Hyung. Just stop, we can always get another ring." Jimin grabbed a hold of his arm.

"But that ring costed more then $3!!" Yoongi shouted which confused Jimin.

"Just come on." Jimin sighed.

One of the employees walked up, "Are you guys looking for something?"

"Yes! A ring, an engagement ring! It's silver with a bit of gold in the middle." Yoongi immediately said.

"That? We found that on the edge of the rollercoaster in the ground. Follow me to the lost and found center."

So the two followed the employee and got their ring back.

"So Jimin, will you marry me?" Yoongi asked against

Jimin nodded as Yoongi slid the ring on Jimin's cute fingers.

End of flashback~

The others listened and well so did Jungkook since Jin called him and put it on speaker.

"Congrats guys!" Taehyung smiled.

Yoongi and Jimin smiled, "Thanks."

These two boys now had a whole life planned for them.

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