Chapter XXIII- A Point of View

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Two chapters in one day because the first one was really short, and this one is like a bonus chapter. It's Obi-Wan's POV through chapters XXI to XII.


...Moments Before...

It was when the Coruscanti sky turned to a crimson red, Obi-Wan knew that Anakin was right. It was exactly how he predicted back on Moraband. It started as a burning, but as the seconds passed, the burning of the planet's core got more intense and the sky lit up in a colourful flame... Like Anakin had said.

A massive rush of people had come flooding into the Jedi Temple, in search for answers that they could not give. Mothers hugged their children, friends cried together, younglings and young Padawans held their master's tightly, as basically everyone thought it was armageddon AKA the end of their lives... Even Obi-Wan thought that too. Terror of the people, combined with his own fear would make the Force become a clash of thunder, and right now, he was glad he couldn't sense it, and felt pity for the Jedi who could.

Suddenly the red started to get, not weaker, but overpowered. It was still just as strong, but another source of light was stronger, protecting the people from their fiery deaths... and Obi-Wan knew that the energy was powerful, very powerful.

A sensation of coolness rippled through the air, as all of the people looked up to find the flames dissolving and replaced by blue light.

It was so extraordinary, he couldn't even imagine to describe what he was seeing. All he knew was that maybe, this wasn't their day for death... Something somewhere had decided to protect Coruscant, and Obi-Wan would be forever grateful for that mysterious being.

The sky cleared of all colour, except for the blue it originally had before the ordeal.

Obi-Wan couldn't count how many relived sighs and joyful tears he heard in that moment. He himself couldn't even hold back a huge breath of reassurance.

Suddenly, a muddle of shocked gasps broke through the populated gathering, and Obi-Wan half-expected for the world to meet their second demise for the day... However, the sight first struck Obi-Wan with confusion.

A complete out-of-it Anakin stood hardly standing, in the centre of the civilians—who were shaped around him like a semi-circle. Anakin was very pale, shaking, bleeding and by the way the boy looked, it seemed like he'd been doing something extreme—nearly costing him his life.

Very powerful.

Only now did the reality sink in, knowing that the light protecter-shield didn't originating from a something, but a someone.

"Oh, Anakin..." Obi-Wan pushed through the crowd to get to his former Padawan, which has now fainted, though Obi-Wan's Jedi reflects caught him in time before he collided with the stone—that would result in lesser damage later, when they got him to the a Halls of Healing.

Obi-Wan was unsure if he should be entirely thankful, worried, or scolding Anakin's reckless behaviour (that did save the planet, of course). Finally he decided that for now, he would have to think about it later—plus Obi-Wan was still a little shocked to really say anything—like most of the civilians.

"Get a medical stretcher," He heard Mace Windu say from behind to other Jedi. They did as they were told, not questioning since everyone there knew who it was for, and everyone knew the seriousness of the situation. Anakin was never always one to push his limits, though this time he had gone beyond pushing his limits. The Force had been too overused, and now look where it had gotten him.



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