CHANWOO ~ Happiness

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JUNG CHANWOO ft. the members



After I stepped out the bathroom, my hands automatically shifted covering my mouth. Chanwoo frantically went to me and waited for some news.

"It's negative Chanwoo-yah." I pouted and looked down, looking so sad and disappointed. He gently hugged me while caressing my hair.

"You are easy to fool Jung Chanwoo. I'm just joking. We will have a baby!" he suddenly pulled from our hug that made me feel kinda dizzy.

"Oh, sorry sorry _______. How dare you to tell a joke like that!" we chuckled. He put his right hand on his chest acting like he was really reliefed that my news wasn't a joke.

"Let me see that to see if you're really saying the truth. If it isn't, we'll have---"

"Don't say that word. I cannot imagine that ikon's evil maknae is more pervert than his hyungs." we laughed again. I handed him my pregnancy test and he insanely jumped up and down so high. His jump wasn't the one who is high, he is.

"Oh my god! Oh my! Damn!" he continued squealing while still jumping up and down. And I'm just here, covering my face in shame. Luckily we're not in public right now.

If he is acting like that in front of many people, I'll leave him alone and call 911.

"Stop saying oh my god. I think my eardrums is gonne throw up in any minute now." he widely smiled at me while shaking my shoulders. I can see the happiness in his eyes.

"You don't know how extremely happy I am right now. Saranghae Te Amo I love you _______!" he hugged me so tight that I can't barely breathe. I just smiled, trying to understand that he is just so happy.

He then get his phone and took a picture of my pregnancy test.

"Ey! What are you doing?" I snatched him the test but I was too late. He already got a picture of it. This kid is weird.

"I'm gonna show this to my hyungs. I sent it to him."


"Do you need to? Yaaah that is so awkward." I mocked. He just pinched my cheeks with his smile still visible on his face.

"Of course I am proud. I want them to know because my hyungs are my bestfriends. Oh! They are calling!" I slightly smiled and took a peek at his phone. It's not an ordinary call, it's a video call oh my gosh.

"Hyungs! _______ is already pregnant! We'll gonna have a baby soon!" Chanwoo waved as he answer the call. I was avoiding in his phone's lens so that they won't see me. The awkwardness you know.

["Congrats Chanwoo-yah! Make sure to take care of _______ okay? Don't stress her. By the way where is she?"] Hanbin oppa said. He touched my hearteu lmao.

I gulped before he faced me his phone. I slowly waved at them and smiled.

["Chanwoo is a shy type but evil and naughty guy. Bear with his attitude!"] Bobby oppa said while trying to see me in the screen. I laughed then Chanwoo muttered,

"Bobby hyung! You really are my natural enemy." I laughed even more. They laughed too, as well as Hanbin.

["Chanwoo-yah! My baby will be more beautiful than your future daughter!"] we heard Junhoe oppa say. I secretely laughed cause Chanwoo might get more pissed off.

"I'll find you and I'll kill you as I go back there Junhoe. Your daughter might be more beautiful than mine but I'm sure that my son will be more handsome than you."

["Burn Koo Junhoe!"] they shouted in the other line.

They laughed. Throwing jokes at each other is their hobby. No wonder why Chanwoo loves his hyungs. And I love them too (Flirty wife) 😂

["Take care of your wife Chan. We already miss you! But I miss you more!"] Yunhyeong oppa suddenly said and I was like... aaawww. YunChan is still sailing even though all of them are already married.

"I miss you too Yun! I gotta hang up now. I still need to bring _______ to the doctor. Bye hyungs! See you soon." we waved for the last time and he ended the call.

"Dang, I'm so happy." I said and he gave me a warm hug. I hugged him too as he kissed my neck. Until now I'm still feeling those butterflies.

"I'm happier because I have a perfect wife that is now already my life." I just smiled, knowing that I am someone's life.


Next chap: Donghyuk!

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