Chapter 10

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"Whoa. Jeez, nice kill! Man, I tried to come here as quick as possible but THAT vampire bloody locked me in a store." She said with a huffed voice.

But that confused me, wouldn't a vampire want to eat her? Oh probably cause she was their last meal on their menu book.

"That..." Tehya began speaking.

"...WAS AWESOME!" She squealed. "I mean did you see what I did? I stabbed it in the eye!"

"Yeah, we're not blind ya know. And my kill was way better, cause I ACTUALLY killed it." Joyce said.

"Okay before we get carried away, I think that we should shut all the malls doors so nothing can come in- you never know if a vampire or werewolf might wreck our supplies." I pointed down to one of the doors.

They agreed so we locked up all the doors and met up at our castle of toys.

The thought of supernatural inhabitants on the earth still hasn't properly gone through my mind, as I thought about placing garlic on the outside of the doors because apparently vampires hate it. But I didn't worry about it though because Alessandra hates garlic and the doors were already locked.

"Alrighty, so...what's for dinner?" Hayley said raising an eyebrow. She was looking down the long hallway where the food court is. A half smile on Alessandra's face emerged into a giant smile. I knew what this meant.

She suddenly bolted off and everyone started sprinting, racing each other towards to food court. I tried to run but shouted and groaned in pain as I realized the my knee was very sore. I looked down and saw a slightly dark patch surrounding the knee on the jeans. It was dark in the shops so I limped over to a store and grabbed a flashlight. I flicked it on and pointed it to my injured but covered knee. It was damp and had a slightly yellow tinge to it.

Of cause its infected.

I carefully ripped the jeans open with a nearby pocket knife and checked my knee, which was infected with puss that was leaking down my leg slowly. I couldn't believe that I had forgotten to clean my wound the moment I got here. Disgusting.

After I cleaned my knee, I flicked off the torches light and threw it into a shop, because I felt like it, and began limping my way down towards the food court. It was silent and I thought that Alessandra, Tehya, Hayley and Joyce were going to do some sort of prank on me. It was dark and I couldn't see much until I heard the light spitting of rain drops. It turned into a sudden heavy like loud thumb clicks. Thunder. Lightning. Way to set a mood in an empty mall.

"Guys, if your trying to play some sort of joke on me. Well it isn't funny- cause guess what? I'm not laughing."

No response.

I squinted my eye to try and see the slightest bit movement in the food court, but nothing. The booming light of lightning followed by a loud crackle of thunder let me able to see in the food court for a quick second.


I continued to walk around tables and behind counters to find anyone. I became slightly anxious if they did something stupid and let in a vampire or something. Nah, they wouldn't do that.

Another flashing light of lightning allowed me to see the whole food court for another quick second. I thought I saw a shadow on the large wall so I looked behind me with a quick gasp.

Still, nothing.

Besides the loud thunder and hard drops of rain outside, I could hear my breath loudly, and felt my heart beating out of my chest. I was still limping my way around for any movement or sound. That was until I heard the sound of a breathe gasping for air. I turned my head quickly in the direction which happened to be at the Keefe's pie shop. But it was strange, the sign held up was broken with a large dent in it.

I slowly and carefully walked myself towards the noise which started turning into a muffled voice. I ran over and saw Hayley on the ground with a bleeding head and scratches on her arms and face.

"Hayley are you alright?!" I ran over not caring about my knee, and bent down towards her.

"I...I..." She struggled to talk as her eyes were barely opens and voice was croaky.

"It's okay take your time. Do you know where the others are?"

She slowly lifted her finger up pointing behind me. I looked behind to see Tehya's head sticking out from around a corner.

"Okay, just stay here." I whispered.

I walked over crouching down towards the unconsciousness Tehya. I walked around the corner to see Joyce lying on top of her. I whispered their names in hope that they would wake up. I tapped on their shoulders and shrugged their bodies. Joyce's eyes slowly opened as she tried to speak.

"Yes, Joyce?" I said.

"Be...Be..." she spoke.

"What is it?"

"Be...behind you." She whispered.

I immediately looked behind me to see Alessandra staring at me red eyed. The lightning showed her face. Her head was pointed down and she looked like the devil.

"Alessandra?! What the hell happened?"

She stared at me and then opened her mouth showing large and sharp canine teeth that had dripping blood coming from it. All of a sudden she smacked me with her arm and I was sent flying to the other side of the food court. My body was smacked hard into a wall and then everything went black——

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